Help fixing Receptacle

Hello, My voltage is 220-240v and I have recently purchased voodoo receptacle but the receptacle is not fitting to my U.K. std wall back box. Any one knows who sell U.S. std this back box? What will be the size for U.S. std? becoz I want replace UK back box to U.S. Box on my wall to fix receptacle. Also guide me How connect the wires to this Receptacles?

Appreciated yours info on above. Thanks.

Seriously, please get professional help, form your question it sounds like you do not have any experience with these matters. The voltages you are working with here are lethal. Further more i don't think a US outlet is up to code for use in the UK.


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Thanks Peter for your advise. I will contact with professional to fix. But, can you know any online seller who is selling u.s. back box ?

Yes, what Peter said. You bought the wrong receptacle. You need one for 240 volts vs. the 120 volt one you bought. Best to get a licensed electrician to do the job. It may cost a bit, but you won't die from being zapped by lethal voltages, and if your house does burn down, you won't be to blame.
I Checked with Voodoo n they confirmed their receptacle work with 220-240v. My issue will be to change the bottom box (u.k std) which is fixed on the wall. Can you all tell me what is the size using in u.s. for fixing socket/receptacle? Presume the size of cover plate on voodoo receptacle is 4x3 !!
The Voodoo AC receptacle is a standard Hubbell IG8300 rated at 120V. It is not code for use in the UK, that is why it will not fit in the box. If you want an audio grade receptacle that will fit in a UK box and be to code, try the Furutech FP-1363-S.

Installing electric back box is simple(make sure you cut off the power where you do your work).
It is not simple - It LOOKS simple. Get licensed electrician. I was zapped couple of times by 220V and have to warn you that it is much, much worse than 120V. Don't take unnecessary risk. There are certain areas where saving money is not very wise.
Thanks All. I will check again with voodoo. M/time where I can buy a suitable back box through online?
Try Parts Connection or The Cable Co but they will probably only send 240v gear to UK and 110 hear in US.