Help finding used SS with unity gain, $1K - $1.5K

I'm looking for suggestions on something nice in a SS preamp in the listed price range. It must have a unity gain output and a good phono stage; also, dual outputs to the power amp are desired, but not critical. Same for remote.

To help in the recommendations, I am currently using a Bedini 866 into an 803 amp. For those of you who are not familiar with this preamp, it gives me a natural, but not warm or soft, musical reproduction, with great extension in the high end, a fine natural midrange, and very good low end. It does not project a tremendously wide soundstage (in that regard I think it could be better), but does have good depth. It produces a very good sense of space around the instruments or voices... produces a very good "the music is in the room" quality without being forward or etched. Detail retrieval is very good (but maybe not great).

What I'm looking for is a used preamp with the desired qualities, that has a similar musical character - but hopefully can better it to some degree. I do not want a tube preamp. While I love what many tube preamps can do, one thing I do not want to do is get into the endless maze of tube rolling. Picking interconnects is bad enough! I'm looking for a natural sound with clarity and extension in both the upper and lower end, but not to a point of being the sort of neutral that quickly translates into "cool" and uninvolving.

Oh, I also will be keeping my Bedini amp, so anyone who knows of a match to it with a great used preamp is welcome to join in!
If you're talking about used prices, look for a Classe CP-50 or CP-60. I owned a CP-60 w/ phono a couple years ago, it was very nice. Powerful, rich, full and dynamic. The CP-60 with phono listed for $4195, and a used one would probably run a bit over your $1.5K, maybe $1600-$1700. The CP-50 w/ phono should be at the lower end of your range, you may even get one for under $1K. Both Classe preamps have a SSP unity gain input standard. The phono card was optional.

I'm not familiar with the Bedini amp though.

Good luck,
Thanks for your input, John. My experience in listening to preamps is not recent. I've had mine for over 12 years, and back then I did compare it to Classe, Bryston, Rowland, and others. Back then I found the Classe preamps to be a bit warmer and darker than mine, while the Bryston was harder and more forward. I don't know how much a company's sonic signature changes over the years, so I'm wondering if you would categorize your CP-60 as either warm or dark.
Yes, I would say the Classe leans towards the warmer, darker side. This actually suits my tastes, but perhaps not yours. I can't think of any other preamp, off hand, that fits your other criteria of price, phono and unity gain input. I also have quite a laundry list of requests when looking for a preamp. It's amazing how one can find something wrong with everything. I know I felt I'd be better off having one custom built, since I found no preamp to fill ALL of my 'needs'.
I would almost recommend a Krell KRC-3, as it is more dynamic and neutral than the Classe, but I don't think it has an internal phono board, I could be wrong though.

It sounds like you like the Bedini 866, why are you looking for another preamp?

Well, I'm trying to integrate my 2 channel high end gear so that I can use it in the same room as my MC rig. I had posted some other threads about this, but the bottom line is that I am now living in a house that does not allow me to support these rigs in separate rooms. And the price I'm paying is that I find I'm listening to my 2 channel setup less and less. I've read a number of posts here explaining that with preamp that has a unity gain input I can run the main Left and Right channel outs from my MC prepro through my preamp without having to worry about setting the volume control and hoping that the MC levels are going to be right (the Bedini does not have a stepped volume control).

I do realize that I will be paying a different kind of price in placing my high end speakers in a room with a video setup between them (they would become my main L/R), but I have to try.
I can understand that, I too have one room for my HT/stereo rig. It can be very constraining. I only mentioned the Classe, because I've used it before and it has all the features you were looking, in your price range. Now, if your going to start picking about sonic qualities....... I'm just kidding.
I don't know of any other SS preamp with phono stage and SSP unity gain in that price range.
Maybe you need to look for an integrated amp, something like a Jeff Rowland Concentra II w/phono?
Just food for thought. Good luck.

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John, and integrated might not be a bad idea. I could use the on board channels to power the rears. Thanks for that suggestion.

Steakster, do you not feel the need to go into that tube rolling circus? I have a couple of friends with tube preamps and / or amps, and it seems they spend a lot of their time like Indiana Jones, searching for some magical NOS or used tube from 40 years ago to bring out the best in their gear. I fear I would fall into the same camp, although I will readily admit to loving the sound of a great, clean, tube preamp. Not a CJ style sound of old, but more like a Quicksilver.
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I have to admit having fond memories of that Quicksilver (it belongs to a friend who I have sinced moved away from). How would would describe the sound of your Eclipse? What other equipment do you have with it?