Help finding my way with amps...

Hello all,

I would like to thank this community for being such great resource. I have a question to ask but I have to apologize for it being so general. To preface the question I have to fill in some details. I am a relatively new audiophile. I like speakers - monitors in particular. I like to buy a set, keep them for a few months and then move on to something else. If I really like them, I keep them and still move on to try a new set. So, I have a few speakers now - Harbeth SHL5, B&W N805, Focal Utopia Micro BE, Magnepan 1.6 and PSB Imagine B. I love all of these.

I have an Outlaw receiver and an Exposure 2010S2. I like both of these but I am looking for another amp, maybe two. My goal is to have 3-4 amps that cover the bases of amplification so that I can indulge in mixing-and-matching amps and speakers.

I'm looking for something in SS and something in tube. Chinese or handmade in England it doesn't matter - I'm just looking for solid amps that do a great job.

ome amps that have caught my eye:

Pass Labs X350.5
Sim Audio W-5
Ming Da MC34AB
Luxman L-505u
Cary SLI-80
Leben CS 300

My goal is to get a few amps but it is important that they are different enough that I will enjoy the compare/contrast experience when I hook up the different speakers. My budget is up to $4K used for each amp.
The Pass gets virtually universal praise, but you may be happier with the class A biased designs from Pass "XA" as your SS standard. A very different amp on your list which is also really well liked is the Leben. You might want more power but stay with a good tube amp and you'll be surprised what it brings to the table. The Cary might be that amp I just don't know that model well enough to recommend it.
Michaelkingdom, you might want to read this article too:
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Try a used pair of the original Cary 500 monoblocks. They are extremely powerfull at 500 watts (1,000 into 4 ohms), with ample current that can drive any loudspeaker. Can be had for under $4k used here on Gon.

The Cary's sound fantastic and can push tough loads like the big Magnepans (your 1.7's will Sing with them!) and they never break a sweat. With the 500's you will have a top-notch 'muscle amp' that sounds sweet, warm, and 3D, just like great tube amps.
I went for the SLI-80 Signature. I am in love.