Help finding me an amp for my Revel Ultima Salon 2s

I have been running a complete Krell EVO system for over 15 years and I loved it. That was my sound! Full, wide open stage, bass control like crazy and musicality that I have never experienced before. Maria Callas in your room!

But I recently sold it and now have a need for a new power amp. Currently have a Pass X-1 pre, Esoteric SACD, SME table with Soundsmith Strain Gauge cartridge. I tried an Esoteric A-02 but it just sounded very restrained in this set up. Closed in, no depth, no life. Now I know this is good amp so I am assuming this is a speaker mismatch.
BTW...I have also changed my cables to PAD Venustas as the system was fully CAST before so not sure how this is impacting the sound too.

I live in Hawaii so I really do not want a boutique amp. need one that will be reliable. Thinking Luxman, Pass....????

I want my EVO sound back!
I need help!
I love Class A amps.  Sounds like you do as well.  However, they are not my amp of choice for the Revels.  You need BIG power.  Try something with at least 200 wpc, personally I would either double that or biamp.  Bryston???
Thanks for the input elevick. Not sure why you think i am a Class A guy. Quite the opposite. That's why the EVO's rang my bell so loudly. I agree, I need BIG power and a tight grip on those speakers. I believe that is what made the Krell such a perfect match for my tastes.

Did you visit Pueo Audio near Kaimuki Middle? 
I would assume Mark Levinson would be the best fit, as they are the same company (I know Amir of ASR uses them with his Salon2’s).  
 ATI, Bryston, and Benchmark should also be good.
I live on Maui. No audio stores here.
Mahalo for the input!
Bryston 28B Cubed monos
The guy that bought my salon 2's, his 2nd pair liked the Mc601 and now has a rack of 4. He did say that on peaks the clipping lights will start to flash but he loved the sound. I really liked the ML 536 combo.
I love my Revel's, the best yet for me.
Amplification:   Krell Duo 300, Bryston 4B-3, Mc452...

My favorite, the McIntosh 452...
Great, Thanks for the input! What is it about the Mc that does it for you over the Krell?
Just purchased a new Luxman m-900u.  Happy camper!
Well that worked!!!!
I cannot believe how amazing my speakers are sounding with this amp. Better than even the Krell EVO 402. By quite a margin. More natural. More air and space and a real ease to the sound. The big Krell could get harsh with some music.
I am officially a Luxman covert. Pre amp next I believe!
Thanks for all the input!