Help finding Hi End in Denver

I'll be in town a week and would like to know where to go to audition speakers in Denver,
Audio Unlimited
Call Audio Unlimited at 303-691-3407.
Audio Unlimited - be sure to check out the JM Labs
Check out Moondance Audio @ 1881 S. Broadway
(303-777-4449; closed Sundany & Mondays). They are going out of business and everything is drastically reduced; including their JM Lab, Martin Logan and Usher speakers. I've been dealing with them for years and will certainly miss their honesty and integrity.
I'd add Denver Audio Design, Cherry Creek Audio, Soundings, and Sound Hounds Media Concepts to the list.

Sorry to hear about Moondance...
Cherry Creek Audio 303-758-4434 and Dever Audio Designs 303
Sorry to hear that Moondance is going out of business. I've purchased a fair amount of equipment from them over the years. (I relocated to the New Orleans area earlier this year.) In addtion to Audio Unlimited, you can try Denver Audio Designs, (Krell, VTL, Thiel, PSB, Arcam); Cherry Creeek Audio (Audio Research, Krell, Revel, Magnepan, Vandersteen). There is also a shop on Belleview in the Denver Tech center whose name escapes me, but they carry BAT, Jeff Rowland, Vienna Acoustics. Another option is Listen Up. They are mainly geared to HT, but they do have B&W, Sonus Faber, Musical Fidelity, Rotel, Classe. Finally, I'd schedule a visit to see Jim at Sounds Real Audio. If I'm not mistaken, I think he sells only tubes. Last visit there, he had DeHavilland, Sophia Electric, FJ Loudspeakers, Wilson Benesch, Cain &Cain. There are also great stores in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs if you have time to get there. FWIW, I've lived in 6 different metroplitan areas, and I think Denver is hard to beat for Hi-end audio. Hope this helps. Good luck!
go to ft. collins and see richard.
With the current weather in Denver, all of the speakers have been "cryo'd" as well! Bundle up; and happy tunes!
I'd also recommend Jim at, check his website for his product line and also call to see what he has in stock. He sells and demos systems from his home and I've found him to be very helpful and a nice guy. I think he matches components well for his demo systems, I especially liked his Wilson Benesch/Dehavilland/AA Capitole system that I listened to at his place.
You got to check out Audiofederation!!
Drive 60 miles south on 25 and see Roy at Green Mountain Audio in Colorado Springs. You won't be sorry.

Not quite Denver but Colorado.
As always, AG comes thru! Thanks guys, I now have a full day trip planned
I definitely recommend Richard in the Fort as well. he's a great guy with great gear.
I made it down to Moondance, good people. They have a wonderful set of Martin logan's Acsemts and lots of Macintosh gear, etc. I would like to hear some Talons if anybody here knows who carries them in Denver,