Help Finding Balanced Tube Preamp with HT Bypass..

Does anyone know of a balanced tube preamp that has a HT bypass option and which can be used in this mode without having to power on the preamp? I have my home theater gear integrated with my 2 channel and I want to try a tube preamp like ARC or Aesthetix but I don't want to be burning away the life of the tubes while I'm watching my movies or TV and it seems the HT bypass modes on most preamps still require the preamp to be powered on.

I dont have an option of separating my 2 channel and HT setups and I divide my time evenly between the two setups. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Get a switch and bypass the balanced tube preamp completely.
Can you elaborate? What kind of switch are you referring to?
Some if not all the VAC pre amps that have the HT bypass will pass the signal while not powered on.
Cary SLP-05 does what you want, and is a fantastic preamp to boot.
Joule-Electra LA-300ME. Note that while its gain stage is fully balanced , it uses single ended, RCA inputs and outputs

It has special bypass where you do not loose sound quality of regular playback in 2-channel

I believe that the old Sonic Frontiers pre-amps meet your requirements.
Look at BAT Balanced Audio Technology.