Help finding a subwoofer

I want a subwoofer that meets the following criteria.

1. 12 inch driver max size. Or 8 inch driver plus passive driver. Or 10 inches driver.

2. Android or IPhone or iPad app to change settings anytime I want.

3. Speaker high level inputs.

Please if you know any let me know.

System is for music primarily movies completely secondary. I really have two systems that can use the sub(s). Main drivers do not go low. On set is Cain and Cain single Ben with Fostex 8 inch driver. the other Martin Logan Motion 15, these are nice small speakers that Are not expensive.

Thanks for your contributions




Today I threw out a Storm iii and a Stadium iii.

If the drivers are still good AND you can retrieve, you can remove the amps, fabricate a filler [or just add external connectors] you can use a 2ch class D* and DSP to blow the doors off the REL amplification.

Ported speakers are sub-optimal in many areas: phase coherence, impedance, port huffing... I'm not sure I ever heard a pair I liked.

[* I have a 150W NuPrime ST-10 listed on US Audio Mart that I used for woofer amp in my triamped mains. Other amp options abound.]



I threw out the Rel cabinets. They are garbage now. I removed the drivers and 5e plate amps. But I think I am going to throw out the amps too. Those things do not have a good reputation and I mean the amps alone. Regarding the driver, I 5ink both the storm iii and the Stadium iii drivers have same diameter dimension, The STORM one being heavier.

While the Nuprime ST10 seems promising it does not include DSP and adding it would increase the cost. The only option that sticks to my mind though embarrassed am I  not to remember manufacturer less model # is above 3 grand. It would be educationally at least interesting to know of any or some in exsistence if there are units for bass management…that would add another set of cables… Looks like an interesting amp, any comments on use as mains full range in your system that you would like to share? Thanks for your post ieales

I think there are a couple of amps that cost less than 500 us $ with bass management. What’s interesting is that I could have a cabinet built in my destination and reduce freight expense. I will eventually relocate and could reduce weight this way. I would need plans though.