Help finding a copy of Yello 'Motion Picture'

Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anybody can tell me where I might find a copy of Yello's cd 'Motion Picture'. I've searched the internet high and low and it seems that this is an out of print disc that even the importers say is no longer available. I'd be grateful if someone could get me shoved in the right direction. Thank you.
I got a copy when it first came out at a record show from a guy who specialized in imports. The guy doesn't come to the record shows any more (and neither do a lot of other dealers) so he must have moved on to eBay. My only suggestion would be to check eBay on a regular basis. The last few Yello CD's have not been offically released here in North America. They've only been available as imports and damn scarce ones too. I had to buy their latest CD, The Eye, on eBay and it came from Russia! Apparently the Russians love Yello! Good luck! They have it.
Thanks for the responses so far. I'm going to check these suggestions out and hope I can come up with a copy. I just purchased The Eye from They also had Motion Picture listed but the fine print indicated it was no longer available. I did find one cd importer online that had it listed and for a really good price. Their website indicated most of their listings were in stock and ready to ship...most listings except Motion Picture that is! Figures! Thanks again. Love that Yello. And by the way for anyone interested...The Eye is fantastic!
Ok first 3 were all correct. I just ordered the disc from and the seller is in Russia! Looks like it'll be 2-3 weeks before it gets here but that's better than not finding a copy of it at all. Thanks again.
I must have fluked out. I just picked up Motion Pic at A&B Sound a couple weeks ago. Lucky me!!!