Help find multi-channel amp for LXmini - Nuforce amps any good?

I'm looking for a 4-channel amp to power LXmini. After the LXmini, I may want to DIY the LX521.4, so maybe an 8-channel now to be prepared for the future. Originally, I was thinking to make my own amps with either Hypex or ICEpower, but the more I look into that option, the more it looks too expensive. This system build is already complicated enough. I purchased a 3D printer to make the LXmini in my own style, so learning a bunch of new skills, and if it won't save cost, not interested in adding confusion by building my own amps right now.

Can't afford the Linkwitz recommended ATI brand of amps - I'm sure they're great, just cost too much. I still want to do the LXmini justice and experience the most they have to offer. Outlaw makes a 5 & 7-channel (maybe could afford used?).  Emotiva UPA-500 (around $300 used) would be a lesser competitor (per Linkwitz' testing) - and not always available. NAD CI-980, 8-channel has added benefit of being able to bridge channels down to 4 (doubling power), not sure how it would test against those listed above. Then there are an abundance of Nuforce 8-channels (various wattages) at affordable prices. Are NuForce any good for this application? Better/worse than Outlaw or NAD?

Was thinking (outside the box) about using JL Audio VX800/8i 8-channel with built-in DSP car amp, which would eliminate the need for external miniDSP. But then I'd need a 110VAC - 14.4VDC power supply, and can't seem to find that with quick web search - think it might be cost-prohibitive. Potentially save $200 on the miniDSP, then a fortune on 14.4VDC power supply = bad value proposition.

I'd like to stay under $1,000 for this amp, and it will need to jibe with miniDSP 2x4HD output level (Unbalanced outputs: Max 2Vrms). Any thoughts on good multi-channel amps? NuForce seem to be selling in the $400 range - pricing intrigues me.

Thanks for any insights!
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Primary contenders listed in order of interest:
Emotiva A-800 - class AB?
Rotel RKB-8100 (or D8100) - class D
NuForce MCA18 - class D

Each channel must have independent input. Prefer channels be bridgeable.
Anyone have insights?