Help figure out cable company saw a while ago

Hi all. A while ago I saw a video of a speaker cable company demonstrate how their cable literally helped make the speaker it was connected to stop faster similar to how a servo sub reacts when the accelerometer receives a signal. 
The demo showed the company’s speaker cable hooked up to the speaker which had an accelerometer connected to it then they A/B demoed how the regular cable didn’t allow the quick transients between the speaker starting and stopping. 
I “think” I remember that the cable was made up of more than two wires in some sort of braid but please don’t hold me to that. 
I’ve tried searching and searching for high-end, HiFi, and audiophile speaker cable demos with no luck at all so now it’s literally driving me crazy trying to find which company it was. 
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Well I think I finally found it...

I originally thought it was “Audio Bacon” that publishes the demo but couldn’t find a video on their site that is allowing me to play it. 
I just did a search on “damping factor” with some other key words and a YouTube video popped up by Audio Bacon that has the thumbnail screen grab that I certainly remember but it is not allowing me to play it. 
I’m going to start a new thread about my questions now that I know the speaker cable company in question. 
Thanks for looking!