Help fellow AV designers

I have a client that wants her home theater to only show the screen (probably a 55" LED)even though it is a TV rm. What are the best sounding speakers that are practically "invisible"? They currently have some cheap flush mounts in the front wall just under the ceiling (so much for hearing any highs huh). They have(3)flush mounts in the ceiling for the effects. I have recommended going to a (2)channel design but may not succeed unless I can come up with an alternative front pair of speakers that she likes the looks of. They would have to be tiny and she is against seeing a sub. She is a minimalist and likes a clean look. I can install the system in a cabinet behind the TV wall in a Study. Any help is appreciated.
You didn't mention a budget, but Joseph Audio makes an in the wall speaker called, drum roll please- The Insider. Rimshot. Applause!!! It's gotta be light years ahead of what she has now.
Those Joseph Audio cabinets look like TRIAD. Budget would help. Can you do in-wall sub? Can you install speakers in-wall on the sides or below the TV? Would she be opposed to Flat Magnapan MMG or Gallo Micro balls. Lots of options. Is the wall white or some other color? We used to buy black speaker fabric from TRIAD and make custom grills. Then you can put whatever you want behind them. Do they just not use the surround system? Seems like you would want that for a TV room.

You have a number of options:

1. Get an Elegant Bar Style speaker which would contain the front left, right, and center speakers in one cabinet.
Check out Leon speakers, and hide the subwoofer somewhere in the room.

2. Install Stealth Acoustics speaker which go under the drywall and are painted and feathered home, or Sonance makes these as well, they sound pretty good.

3: Mount downward angled in ceiling speakers for the fronts as well.
Why not go for a projector and an audio transparent screen and place the speakers behind the screen.

like this
projector and an audio transparent screen is the way to go. Hey, that's the way it is done in the movie house. The benefit is that you can put in an actual sub, match all the speakers and actually create the hidden center channel. Don't forget that the installation can be married to a pair of drapes that will hide everything when not in use.
Thanks for the responses. The walls are Tan in color and are real diamond finish plaster. They could probably go high up in budget (unlike how they originally went with an Onkyo receiver and flush mounts). They don't want to make more holes in the plaster walls. She plays the Cello and Piano and claims to have "no interest" in better sound. Don't you just love it? I think the husband would like better sound. I will look into the downward angled flush mounts to replace the existing fronts. Sure appreciate the ideas.
Thiel Powerpoint is wall mount, tiny and angle downwards for high mounting. The only holes are for the wire and mounting screws. They come primed to be painted any color. Find a sub that can be hidden or dual use as a plant stand or ??? SVS or HSU with a plant on top? Stress to them the importance of quality speakers will allow for lower volumes with greater clarity.
I'd avoid 2 channel since this is theater and the center channel matters the most.
Speakercraft makes a "Time five" model that mounts flush in the ceiling and is motorized. It drops down, pivots into position and can be set at different degree angles. They can be set for about 15, 30, or 45 degrees if memory serves. Also for different seating locations. I've used them in an install, they are pretty cool. Not what I would choose myself, but if someone insists on trying to hide speakers, its not a bad option. If you want to know anymore, shoot me an email.
i dont understand this post. if the customer does not want anymore holes and could care less about the sound then why are they changing what they already have??
The SpeakerCraft are pretty slick. TRIAD makes angle fire speakers that are made for ceiling flush mount. Heard them at the local dealer. Not too bad.