HELP FedEx Mangles Speakers - Refuses Claim

I received double boxed with ample foam padding top and bottom - large, expensive speakers that are crushed on the corners and bottoms. I took dozens of pictures while unpacking, have all shipping materials, filed claim, met with claims agent. I did it all correctly and was denied via form letter. Any legal referrals, appeals, BBB, class-action process help etc., is appreciated.

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Take them to small claims. I used UPS Store to ship an expensive item. It was damaged and they helped me with the claim. When it was denied, I loooked to the UPS Store to pay it since they sold me the insurance. They denied it too. I filed a complaint in small claims for $2500, and 1 week from the trial date, I got a call from UPS Store to tell me a check was waiting for me.
glad it resolved even if it took too much time. i think the MO is to delay delay delay in hoipess the claimant will go away. good for you. weird they took the speakers. seems like bs they keep your property.