HELP Federal Express broke it and WON'T PAY

The speakers were shipped Fed Ex COD insured for the value paid ($1800) purchased used from a private party. One speaker was chipped slightly on the side during shipping. It was packed in original packing. It will cost $400 to repair plus round trip shipping plus $80 for a new box.

Fed Ex is refusing to pay because I don't have an "original sales invoice". Perverse luck would have it, the seller has moved overseas.

What's frustrating is that every person at Fed Ex that I speak with is an automoton. They act like a robot quoting rules. I used to love to use Fed Ex and happily pay extra for it. Now I would go out of my way to avoid using them.

I need some help here. How to break through the beaurocratic nonsense and get this claim paid! Is there someone HUMAN I can contact at Fed Ex about this? Do I have to take this to small claims court?

Thank you.
The standard drill is to file a claim in court against them. As for a receipt, can you print out a copy of the transaction? Or just find the item listed on the manufacturers website to prove value or get the manufacturer to send you something to the effect of "our speaker model #sonice retailed for $$$ when new.

I was on the phone today with my insurance co. to document the value of my "overpriced" stereo should I have a claim. A copy of the value off the web via manufacturers website or review, etc. is plenty good enough.
I don't believe there is any human working for FedEx. They are all computer-generated cybernetic automatons which sole purpose is to recite the rules back to the unfortunate customers.

Seriously, I recently had one package with FedEx that had a bad address. The last digit of the street number was wrong. It took seven separate phone calls and three attempted deliveries to correct that issue. Every person I talked to at FedEx had no clue what was going on in the local level, and I was not permitted to speak with the local FedEx office directly. The shipper seems to be a staunch believe in FedEx and kept telling me that it would have been worse with UPS. It may be so, but curiously enough I haven't had any problem with my local UPS branch.
How did you pay for it? Do you have a record of that or an email record with the price in it to use as proof to FedEx? Walter
Do they offer any alternative to settle the claim? If so, as long as you don't accept it the claim will remain open and will get someone's attention. They should come back to you after a few weeks wanting to close the claim. At that time you can get a real person to hassle back at. That seems to be the only way to get a carbon-based life form to have a dialog with. But, they have to be willing to offer an alternative which, it sounds like, they haven't done yet.
They want a receipt from YOU, not the original seller. I had this happen with a NAK PA-7 amp, and went through the same hassles.They do have a claim form, and they do have an 800 number. It took me 4 months , but they finally paid. Michael
There should be a claims manager you can talk to . The fastest way would be to get a manager on the phone . Or if possible go top the local regional office and talk to someone. You can also try to get a managers number from a local business or company who uses a lot of fedex as they usually have the business card of a manager. They dropped my CJ preamp and were pretty cool about paying. 1 file claim. 2 They will inspect unit at your premises. 3. review all info 4. pay claim.
Just give them all the paperwork they require.
I also had a problem with FedEx non payment for damage. I shipped a Theta Carmen in the original packaging to a buyer. When it arrived, the display would not work. I put in a claim and it was denied because "the packaging was used and would not survive a 40 inch drop". According to their claim rep the original manufacturers box is used and not suitable for shipment. I paid for the repair and now use UPS unless requested to use FedEx. When I do use FedEx it is double boxed regardless of the original packaging.
Looks like you need to read the contractual agreement. I would doubt if the original sales receipt because I would think that the contractual agreement is to ship the itme from one person to another without regards to the specific item itself. But you do need to look at any limitations they have with regards to packaged items to determine if they are requirements that would allow them to escape.
What is needed is a new laminated, vacuum sealed covering for packages. This covering, applied by the shipping office, would reveal abuse which occurs in transit. When the package arrives, you could visually inspect it and refuse if the covering is "bruised" (evidence of a HARD knock). The coverings could have different formulations depending on level of gentleness you desire. Please send royalties to: Dweller...