Help Equipment for media room

Hi everybody. Maybe you can help me out.

I am building media room at home which will be mostly centered on music.

I all ready have a nice 2 channel stereo system and am not interested for now in having a multi channel system.

That said, I am looking for come kind of equipment that allows me to easily use multiple video and audio sources including online music servers.

Is there any thing out there that has.

- Multiple video inputs and audio inputs
- Wifi capabilities and the ability to access, netflix, spotify and other only media sources.

An then allows me to:

- Channel all video to my projector through HDMI
- Send all audio to my stereo thorough an RCA output.

Closest I have got to is using an Xbox one that has 1 video input for my cable receiver and allows access to several online media services and using an HDMI audio extractor to channel all audio from the HDMI out into my stereo amplifier.

Are there any other good alternatives?? Thks.
poncho, you're probably best served getting an avr--virtually all the major players (denon, marantz, yamaha, etc.) make networking/wi fi receivers which have all the requisite audio/video connections and let you connect wirelessly to pandora/spotify/xm (some of them might do netflix too, though you might have to add a roku stick or something comparable). accessories4less has good prices on them