HELP: EMC 1 output - balanced vs. rca

I recently purchased an emc 1 mk 2. I have heard many people say that the balanced output is far superior to the unbalanced. What no one has said is whether or not this is due to the balanced signal, or simply the output on the cd player itself. Here's my problem - my preamp only has rca inputs. So if I output from the cd player in balanced, using a balanced cable, but then convert (by reterminating) to rca at the other end for the preamp, I know that I will lose the balanced signal, but does that mean I will lose the superior balanced output from the emc 1?
I have an EMC 1 with all the latest upgrades including the Caps, resistors, diodes, etc. I have experimented with using an interconnect with XLR on one end and RCA on the other or all RCA's. No difference. If you have a great single ended preamp you are not missing anything. I carry both balanced and single ended preamps and I use a single ended preamp with the EMC 1. Granted the preamp is so good that it may make up the difference. The player is amazing however you use it. If you don't have the internal upgrade yet it is a must. Put a really good powercord on it and you will be very pleased.
I agree with Sanctuary of Sound. It is a fantastic sounding player SE or Balanced. However, with a true fully-balanced preamp (and ultimately amplifier), the EMC 1-MKII blossoms with a deep wide, layered sound-stage that is clearly unique when compared against its single ended output.

peter jasz
Thanks for the help guys.