Help Electronic gurus, IEC Questions for upgrade

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I am finding this out for someone,
Upgrading an amplifier that does not have a detachable cord. Unable to fit a regular IEC connector on the back or even the powercord directly, not enough space, therefore trying to find another replacement for the IEC, the powercord that is going to be used is thick and does not have a termination yet on the end that is going to be connected to the amplifier so......I am up for using anything that works.

This is a must
The connector "IEC" needs to be small and round preferably compared to the rectangular IEC standard size.
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The only connector that might meet your requirements would be the Neutrik POWERCON. The connector is round and the recepticle is somewhat smaller than a standard IEC.
Thank you kindly, intersting but after researching a little I saw under neutrik this lable under the PowerCon.
Read the last paragraph, does this mean I am unable to use it for my 50w integrated amplifier's main connector????????

PowerCon® is a lockable 3-pole equipment (AC) connector with contacts for line, neutral and premating safety grounds. Color coded for easy identification, PowerCon® offers power-in (blue) and power-out (gray) versions with different keying to avoid the possibility of short circuiting. The contacts are designed to prevent damage from arcing when disconnected while under load. PowerCon® meets or exceeds the demands of applications in the fields of A/V usages, test and measurement equipment, computers or industrial designs. UL recognized, SEV and VDE approved. Rated at 20A/250VAC.

• Connector: PowerCon® chassis connector • Type: Power In • Color: Blue (A) • Mfg. #NAC3MPA

Note: PowerCon® is not designed to be a "mains" connector or for speaker/amplifier applications. For speaker applications please see the Speakon® series.