HELP Digital bad, vinyl good???

OK, boys and girls, I need your help. Besides the obvious philosophical implications, can anyone tell me why two CDPs (Exemplar 3910 and CAL CL-10) using two diff i/cs, and two diff inputs, are highly distorted and my vinyl rig sounds great? VAC Ren Mk2 pre. Doesn't the phono stage feed into the line stage and then to the output? HELP. No XMAS tunes on vinyl.
The BAM module is basically an active equalizer with a high pass filter built into it. This reduces driver excursion below port resonance, lowers distortion, reduces power consumption and increases power handling.

Evidently, either your phono system isn't capable of very deep bass and / or the records that you were playing didn't have a lot of deep bass on them. Obviously, the CD's did, which is what caused the distortion that you heard. This is one of the drawbacks of using a vented design without some form of active equalization and / or a steep high pass filter. Now you've actually heard the distortion that i've mentioned many times before when discussing vented designs and the woofer(s) becoming "unloaded". Not pretty, is it?

Glad that you were able to figure things out without any real down-time or great expenditure on your part. Sometimes, as is the case here, the simple stuff is the easiest stuff to overlook. Sean
Sean- I could never disagree with your analysis because I have no knowledge in this area, but I will say that the distortion sounded like it was mostly in the vocal frequency range. and as far as I know, the BAMs (several generations ago) were optional with the VSM. The sound I got was very noticeable and totally unlistenable, even to my son who listens to MP3s played through his cell phone speaker!!!
Obviously, i wasn't there to hear what was going on, so i could be off in left field. Having said that, over-excursion of a mid-woofer can lend a distortion / vibrato effect to midrange and treble frequencies. Don't know if this is what you were hearing, etc... In severe cases of over-excursion, the driver will mechanically bottom out. This sounds VERY scary, as it should. Sean
It WAS a sort of vibrato gargling effect, if you will. GOne is good. Happy New Year everyone.