Help designing system for music discovery stream

Hi everyone.

I've finally completed a system that i'm happy with for my office - I settled on a pair of PMC GB1i speakers with a Bryston B60 SST integrated and Rega turntable.

Now I am trying to put a system together for music discovery in a small 450 sq foot room I just finished in my basement. This system will be used for streaming only. I do not plan on any other source than a squeezebox touch. I plan on Pandora and the new MOG service. My question is: what would you recommend to complete this system?

My speakers are Dahlquist DQ-10's that are undergoing a very expensive modification as we speak. (lets not make this a speaker discussion - last week i demoed a pair of paradigm studio 100's at my local dealer right next to my unmodified DQ-10's and decided to stay with the vintage set)

I am thinking I need:

1) Amplifier
2) DAC
3) Preamp
4) (DAC/Preamp combo?) instead of 2/3

Because of the DQ-10's I will need a high powered amp. Would a Bryston 4BSST pair well with a DAC/Preamp combo such as the wyred4sound Dac2? Is this all overkill because of the limitations of the source? Does anyone have any experience mating high end equipment with streaming sources like MOG?
One more thing I forgot to mention. Would you expect better sound quality from the Squeezebox to DAC or from a macbook to USB DAC