Help designing a home theater/listening room

I am in the process of designing a home theater with an emphasis on a listening room. The media room space is 15 feet wide by 20 feet deep and the walls will be soundproofed. I am willing to spend around 30-40k for all the equipment and install. Wanted to get peoples thoughts on what would be a great system. So far I was thinking.

Power. Considering krell amp and preamp vs marantz amp/preamp vs Cambridge audio integrated amp

speakers. I liked the Elac black edition floor standing speakers or b&w and will get the matching center and surround speakers. For a 7.1 system.

Subwoofer - undecided on this but considering a genesis subwoofer.

Video. Probably 110 inch screen and jc projector for about 7500 total

Blue ray/Sacd player - oppo

any advice appreciated.
With that budget I would visit a few high end audio professionals and listen to some of the rooms they have set up to get a taste for what you might like. They will help with the system synergy and all the details that will make you satisfied.
Why would you go for an integrated?
Because HT receivers and processors don't do very well making music!
My Onkyo TX-SR876 is wonderful with Blu-Ray movies but
try to play SACD or Cds and the air comes right out of the balloon (no foolin').
Using a quality integrated for the L/R channels makes lots of sense.