Help Design The DVD Player You Want

There are so many small and large problems with the current batch of DVD/SACD/DVD-A/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD??? players available, that I thought to ask members for input on which features they would most like to see in a next generation DVD player. If we can come to a general consensus, perhaps we can forward the thread to the manufacturers, and see if they reply.
If they don't do anything else, that 5.1 analog malarkey has got to go.
Hear, Hear! Thunders, can you imagine trying to afford five high end analogue cables, ugggh! I anticipate multi format players at high prices in the next year. My short list of required features: SACD, DVD-A, CD, HDCD 24-96, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, MP3, upsampling, digital and/or firewire, output(no SACD with PCM, like Pioneer) Progressive scan that automatically switches to 480i when necessary, maybe an upgrade path, 2 sets of progressive outs, compatibility with all types of remotes, direct analogue outs, good quality dac's, no faulty Genesis chip, ability to turn off all lights, remote that lights up every button. I am sure that I have missed a few important features. Many decent players achieve some of this, but few, or none do all this. Price under $2,000. What haven't I thought of???
How about variable 2ch. audio output-so we can route those 24/96 discs right into our amplifiers. I'm talking about those discs put out by Classic Records, Chesky, and, hopefully, more companies.
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Bmpnyc, I don't think you left anything out--except maybe a coffee brewing feature. You sure that is all?

If I could design MY dream DVD Player, then it would be able to playback not only standard DVD's and CD's, but it will also be able to playback the new format yet to be decided (which would be either DVD-A or SACD), and will be able to playback MP3 files that I have downloaded off of my computer. It would have upsampling. It would have a "cutting edge" audio output section with the latest and the best DACs installed and working behind it. It would have varible progressive scan capability to make it compatible with a variety of television monitors (480p, 720p, 1080p, 480i, 720i, and other newer settings that can be installed as the technology advances). It would provide an upgrade path in all of these "all important" areas (preferably, it would be "user" upgradable..... all I have to do is download the software off of the internet onto my computer, and then load it into the player..... upgrade would be completed instantly, and done right the first time). Two sets of progressive scan outputs would be nice, just as well as two sets of component video and audio inputs and outputs. A great remote is also a necessity. It would all be housed into a superbly designed chassis and feature a superbly designed transport section (just like the one in my newly acquired Pioneer Elite DV-37.... great transport..... the EXACT same one that is also used in their $1,800.00 DV-38A). And lastly, it would be affordable ($1,500.00 ought to do it).

So again, here's what MY dream DVD Player would have:

(01). It would have to be able to playback DVD's, CD's, DVD-A's or SACD's and MP3 files. This player would have to come as close to being a "universal" player as much as possible.

(02). It would have upsampling capability.
(03). It would have a superb audio output section.
(04). It would have to have the latest DAC's (and right now, the standard seems to be the 24-bit/96-khz variety).

(05). It would have to have variable progressive scan so that I can adapt it for use with a lot of different TV's.

(06). It would provide an upgrade path in all of the "VERY" important areas.

(07). It would be "user" upgradable (just download the software upgrade files off of my computer and then load the software into the player).

(08). It would provide two sets of inputs and outputs on its rear panel (progressive scan, component video, composite video, S-Video, and audio).

(09). A great remote is mandatory.
(10). A high quality, stiff feeling chassis would be great.

(11). And also, a superb transport section.
(12). And finally, it would be priced at around $1,500.00.

That in a nutshell, is MY dream DVD Player. Now, what I want to know is "are those manufacturers listening?"

JT, Maybe I could add a 1000 CD track memory, so that I don't have to program out the tracks I can't stand. I once had a Sony CD player that had a 185 disc track memory. It worked beautifully, push the track numbers in order, press memory, and that was it. I then "upgraded" to a 5 disc Sony player that was supposed to do the same thing. Well... that one worked in such a convoluted way that I never programmed a single disc into memory. There must be a saboteur who works at Sony who takes a great idea and sticks something stupid in their machines to ruin it. Now you've really got me thinking what else I could wish for in the next DVD player.
SACD progrssive scan, and digital outs for all formats.
Hello again, Bmpnyc:

I might add to the list of features my "dream" DVD Player must also have.

(01). It must also be able to playback CD-RW, CD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-R.

That's just a feature that I have left off of my post last night. So now, I guess that would push the price of my "dream" player up to about $2,000.00, right??