Help design my new system

Ok my wife and I have given up on the surround system upstairs, and are moving it downstairs. This system will be built next year. So right now, we use the upstairs to watch movies, on just two main speakers, and a separate subwoofer. And use it for music a lot. My current system is this...

Pioneer 720P Plasma... We love
Usher CD 100
Cambridge Auio 640r Receiver
Rotel amp to run my VMPS sub
PSB Imagine T speakers.

I would like to supply more power to my speakers. So doing so I think I need to go with a Pre/Pro and separate amp just for the two PSB's. I would be willing to invest $3000 but less if possible. How would you invest 3K into this system to make is a GREAT 2 channel music system, that we can still enjoy movies, when we don't need the full experience we will have downstairs. Thanks!
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Can a OPPO Blu Ray player be used to run both my CD player, and then also be used to send the movie signal to the speakers through the amps? I mean I assume the OPPO may play as well as my User CD player does? I use a Sony Blu Ray now, and have never had an OPPO.
If what you are asking is whether an Oppo Blu Ray Player (BDP 93/95/103/105) can be used to play CDs to the stereo and Blu Ray movies to two channel sounds, yes it can. Before adding more power to your speakers, add another subwoofer (and amplifier, I guess, since your sub is not powered) just like the one you bought and hang one subwoofer off of each channel.

Yes, you are told one is enough. The truth of it is, that it isn't. This will help you a lot with the power that you have been craving.
I assume I need to go with a 105 for the most Web related stuff? My wife would love to be able to play music off the TV using the Cromecast and the Cloud.
You are very smart for going after a 2 ch. setup IMHO.
Most people agree that the speakers are the most important gear, so perhaps you can think about upgrading the speakers as well - you can do it for 3k if you go used.

Why did you want more power in your system, can I ask?

If you really need power, perhaps a pro amp like a crown upper level ones will be your cup of tea...
If you want great 2-channel music then I would try to find an integrated stereo amp that does 2-channel music very well with your particular speakers.
I kind of Want a all in one system here I guess. I want to be be able to hook up my Blu Ray, Play cd's and plug in my TV source. With that said, I am thinking an OPPO 105 as a preamp, cd player and Blu Ray, paired with a Bryston or similar 2 Channel amp. Am I going the right way?

I have always had a Receiver, so doing separates is out of my realm.
I am not familiar with oppo as preamp but you could use an integrated as you describe.
I do not see Pre-amps with HDMI hookup. Since I am looking at only doing 2 channel, is this why there are no HDMI hookups? With my current setup, we have our Blu ray and Hi Def cable box hooked up via HDMI, but we run just the left and right speaker with the sub all the time.
get the $1000 Oppo... can be used as a pre/pro while playing all discs. and connecting to net (Netflix, Youtube, etc...) .. 2 channel or multi... use about $1500 for the Parasound Halo A21 used... it'll leave you about $500 for better cable or shoot for an extra sub, or whatever... only problem is that the Oppo only has 1 HDMI input... I'd do it only I need 2 HDMI ins... one for Direct TV and other for PS3... I do still own an Oppo 93
The more I look into this, the more I would rather spend the Money on the system downstairs. If anything, is there a nice Receiver that has Wifi built in now? We would like to be able to play the cloud through our upstairs system.
Ok I am a little confused. I am looking at a Preamp/amp system, and I never see HDMI on the Preamp. Am I just seeing older models, or is there a better way to hook up your BluRay other then HDMI?