Help Design & Build a Cabinet - KNOW ANYONE?

I have been the VERY happy owner of the Energy Veritas 2.8 speakers no fewer than 10 times in the past 12 years. Just last week I secured the original pair I had 12 years ago from the person I sold them to.

I have owned no fewer than about 140 pairs of various speakers since then (Cello Grand Masters, Duntech "S", Dunlavy SC-V, B&W Sig800's, Meridian DSP-8000's, JBL K2's, Wilson Alexandria, MAXX2's, Snell Reference, and many more from these same manufacturers as well as many others) listening, using, reviewing about 110 of those and have come full circle - even to the exact pair I began with. Funny how life is........speakers are not the only thing that comes full circle......

Anyway, I would like to find someone to design and build me a horizontal center channel for the Energy Veritas 2.8's. I have an extra pair of 2.8's so we can use all of the parts necessary. I need someone to design, build and finish (gloss black) the speaker.

Any suggestions on who might be interested in somethign like this? Needs to be a professional - not some weekend hack.

Thanks in advance for any options provided.

I presume the format you have in mind is a cabinet that's very wide and very short, with the tweeter over the midrange in the middle of the cabinet face, flanked by a woofer to either side. There will be some lobing of the woofers' output in the horizontal plane so the tonal balance may be a little bit different from that of the main speakers.

It is possible that splaying the two flanking woofers outward a bit would make a small improvement in tonal balance. I'd have to do some computer modelling to see. At best, this might give you that "last 5%" but would probably add significantly to the cost so it may not be worthwhile.

You might contact Audiogon member JohnK, who is a manufacturer who builds enclosures himself instead of having someone else do that for him. His woodwork is beautiful.

I use a cabinetmaker to build my enclosures, and it's possible that he would be interested in taking on the project. But the more streamlined solution would be JohnK.

Indeed Energy (Audio Products International) are underrated - although they have such a broad offering these days that it is rather diluted by mediocre stuff - I still have the original speaker that launched the company - the original Energy Pro 22.

Since these speakers image like no tomorrow and have good wide dispersion I'd humbly suggest you might be best served by using "phantom" for your center channel.

Frankly speaking - unless the tweeter and midrange of the center channel are exactly the same height as your L and R mains ...then it will never work properly as intended in the 5.1 mix done in the studio.
I had a pair of Tektons. The finish was an nice as my S800's (the speakers that I bought had a bubinga veneer). Try contacting Eric. He is in the greater Salt Lake area. I met him in person, very nice and honest guy and great workmanship:

Lee Taylor
Are the Energy Veritas speakers that good? I mean do they even better Dunlavy SC-V's and Wilson Alexandria's? Wow, I didnt know that...

Thanks all - many opportunities to make something happen. I have had alot of responses asking if the Veritas are better than all of the speakers above. Of course they are not necessarily better - different. Different price points (on the preowned market, at about $2,500 -I have not heard a better speaker) and all require different sized rooms and amplifiers. One can not compare apples to oranges. Just so happens, I love the Veritas 2.8's (and 1.8's as well) and they fit my current room and power outlay.

I can run JBL S800 monoblocks (800W @ 8ohm), which I already own. Alexandrias, MAXX2's need big Krell monoblock power, Sig 800s', Duntechs, and Dunlavy did very well with big Levinson #33's and #33H's, while the Grand Master did wonderfully with Performance II monoblocks, a 2-piece configurable PER channel rig. The JBL K2 and Energy v2.8 do quite well with the JBL S800 amp, a small (19 x 17 x 7) cool running, rack mountable amp.

Now - onto the center channel. The v.2.8 mates well with a B&W Nautilus HTM-1, which I am using along with a Veritas 2.0Ci center. Both do fine - but ideally a v2.8 is used - I just can't have three across the front in a vertical alignment. It doesn't look good, no other reason. So, if I could get a Veritas center to be similiar in appearance to the HTM-1 or Wilson Watch with 90% of the sonic characterists of a horizontal v2.8, I would be happy. I don't think I get that from either of the centers I currently am using.

Thanks again.
Good suggestions. Another who I can personally vouch for as he has built my loudspeakers is Brian King in California, he can be reached via