Help- Denon DP59L...

OK, so you all got me back into vinyl. Started with a turntable I always wanted, a B&O TX-2 (linear tracking) that will not skip under any circumstances. Only problem is that it sounded horrible.

So again reading all your posts have gone to a Denon DP59L DD turntable with a huge platter and many adjustments. Knowing that I am incompetant to set this thing up, had a dealer mount and align a new Grado Gold cartridge. Using a (awesome) Copland CTA 301 preamp for phono stage either direct to amp or through SF Line 2 preamp for remote volume. Here is the problem. On some tunes it sounds great, but on others the ssssss sounds are distorted or I would say I have midrange distortion at all volume levels including very low levels. I do not believe that there is overmodulation distortion as it does not occur on peaks but during complex passages with lots of midrange action. I don't really want to screw around with the settings "tracking force" "antiskating" etc... unless someone tells me that the setup is flawed, but why would it be? That is why I had the prof. set it up. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Have tried another phono stage, same problem. Have been using records of my own that have been played only once or twice in the 80's to make tapes. Perfectly clean with D4 fluid/ brush but running low. This is great fun but I would like a cleaner sound.
It sounds to me like there could be some VTA things happening with different thickness records. That could cause "ssssibiblance" problems. I don't think that there is a VTA adjustment on the Denon.
The adjusting of settings on a TT is something that an analog user must learn to do himself. First of all, in this era of digital, there are very few "experts" left on TT setup. The guy that set up your TT may, or may not, be one of them.
Secondly, when you transported the TT home in the car, there is a possiblity that the tracking force was slightly moved during transport. Actually the counterweight should be removed during transport anyway, to reduce possibility of damage to the tonearm bearings from heavily loaded vibrations. So he should really have instructed you how to do the tracking force, and removed the counterweight before you transported it home. This leads me to believe he is not an "expert". Therefore, any adjustments he made may have not been made correctly by him, or may have changed during transport. If he even listened to the TT after he adjusted it, is unknown.
How about asking us how to set up the TT? I personally have set up hundreds of high end TT's of all kinds, for many high end systems, during my employ in an audio salon in the 1980's, when analog was still in it's heyday.
Next, and I know you don't want to hear this, but the Denon is a decent Direct Drive TT, but it is really a marginal performer at best. A simple Rega P3 with RB300 would walk all over it. Stay away from Direct Drive unless you're buying a Rockport.
What you have, is a nice entry level TT, that is good for getting your feet wet in analog, but not good enough to really reap the benefits that analog can provide.
A simple question on this forum about whether to buy a DP59L or a Rega P3, would have saved you this headache.
All is not lost. You may still be able to adjust the sibilance out of your TT, but it will not take you into the "audiophile" area of analog.
I know this is hard medicine, but somebody has to tell you, or you will keep spinning your wheels, and get disgusted with analog. That would be a shame, because there is much to be gained there. Just trying to help.

P.S. - When you sell the Denon, sell the Grado with it, if you are going to get a Rega. The Grado cartridges have hum problems with Rega TT's. Get a Goldring 1022GX. And when you get the Rega, order a VTA adjuster from Expressimo Audio for $39.95 to put on it.
Does the dealer who sold you the new Grado cartridge and set up the table have an explanation? Does the dealer offer other brands of cartridges besides Grado? Did you buy the table from this dealer? The Denon is one of the best DD TT (doesn't cog) so I would go to the dealer first before replacing. That's what you paid him for....
Thanks for the tough love. Acting on Twl's advice I am attempting to lear about this alignment stuff. I purchased a tracking force gauge and adjusted the tracking force upwards, but not too much upwards, which completely solved the problem. Now I am trying to figure out the VTA and some other settings. This analog stuff sure is a lot of work...I mean fun.
Glad to hear that you had some success, and learned some of the things you need to know about analog. That was a good step. If you have other questions, please ask, and we will be happy to help if we can. There are any number of members who could give you the answers you need. Everybody has to learn as they go along, and nobody knows everything. I have had alot of help from members with my questions, and I try to help others when I can.