Help decision TRL GT-200/Cary Cad 211 Anniversay

Lamm/VAC Phi series/JL-1...>HELP

I cannot find anywhere in Chicago area to listen to these amps, but would like to buy 1 amp, and end my search. I like what tubes do for me. My favorite amp has been the Cardinal X1, which I have owned twice in the past year. I am looking for extension of both the bass and treble, combined with the midrange magic of the best SET. Of course I want it all, imaging, soundstage, pinpoint accuracy, et all. I also need power to rock, to my hearts content, along with the ability to play at the very lowest levels without loosing any detail. So, yeah, I want it all. Is it possible?

My room is 7000 cubic feet, my listening priamrily takes place in the front 3500 CF, but, I want the sound wondeful in the full room. I am driving myself, and others nutz.

HELP me spend some $$$$


Any thoughts appreciated.
Watt' speakers U gots?--Add the Dehavilland Aeries g to your list--more dynamic than you might believe possible for an 845.--gut'1.
I second the Dehav 845G. I have a pair and they have more than enough power to drive my 89db speakers to loud levels and are incredibly realistic and dynamic to boot. Better bass than my SS Cary amp and the treble is crystal clear. If you need more power you can get the GM-70. Kara the designer is very friendly and easy to work with. Go to their web site and check out the reviews.

Try listening to CAT JL-2 Stereo or JL-3 monos. Also Jadis JA-200 which are cream of the crop concerning amplification.

Good Luck!