Help. Dead Levinson 23.5

Looks as if ive a condensor gone on the front circuit board
the one mounted upagainst the front panel, trouble is its wiped out the whole circuit board, so im looking for a new complete board any ideas were i might get one also a schematic for the 23.5 would be handy, ive talked to Madrigal but they only give out schematics to auth dealers, and when i told them the problem they just told me to send the amp to them, which i think is gona cost big bucks, ive asked them about a new complete board but had no answer, thanks for any and all help
Browse through the thread entitled "Krell KSA 100 type amplifier" in the solid state forum. Someone made a number of posts of the schematics of the ML 23.5.
Go with Madrigal's suggestion - the service is not as expensive as you might fear it to be. What you have, as far as I can read, is a blown AP-5 circuit board. They'll replace the board, not just the damaged part(s). Call them for a shipping carton (about $75) if you do not have one.
thanks very much for your help, will find out from Madrigal what its gona cost
I have a (mostly) Madrigal system. Last year my
#37 transport jammed, and I couldn't get the
drawer open. This is a known problem with this
model. I returned it to Madrigal, and they replaced
the whole transport assembly for free (the unit
was still under warranty). Their service department
is outstanding, and I've heard from others that it's
not outrageously expensive. You'd do well to send it
back. Sometimes they even throw in extras like new
caps or upgraded parts for nothing.
Levinson, can't. They established thier name based on quality and reliability. They will fix your up for about cost. And you get back a Levinson amp that performs to specifications.

They can't afford to ruin thier quality rating, with user serviced products.

Thanks for all help, just had word from Madrigal, they no longer have any circuit boards for the 23.5 but they are going to build one for me which i thought was pretty good, and the cost was ok to, just got to send amp to them and there gona rebuild it