Help dating old speakers

i have two old large wooden cabinet stereo speakers.

each cabinet has 3 speakers (tweeter, mid range and woofer.

i'm in the process of replacing the old speakers with new. i removed a tweeter and midrange last night from the cabinet and noticed a blue ink stamp on the back of the speaker's frame. the tweeter's read: 10-03-57 and the mid range's read: 10-05-67. i haven't removed the woofer yet.

the cabinets are filled with yellow insulation, have vinyl coated wiring and an
"increase/decrease treble" rotary switch operated by a paper in foil

there is no beand name on the cabinets or speakers. they belonged to my grandparents and i assume they bought them from Sears in the mid to late 60s.

can anyone help me out?

You might want to visit

They specialize in vintage audio!

You should really try dating someone more like yourself. Usually works out better. ;)
Publish a picture if you can. There are a lot of us geezers on here who might recognize your boxes.