Help critic my system

I have been very happy & please with my system however I am thinking about playing with interconnects just to see what improvement I will hear. I want your input in what areas do you think I can further improve my system (different cd player, powercords, interconnects, contact enhancer, etc.)
My system is as following.
Krell Amp 400CX
Krell Preamp KCT
Krell CDP KPS-28c
Wilson Audio Sophia Speakers
Kimber Select 3035 (speakers)
Transparent CAST (between Cdp & Pre)
Krell CAST (between Pre & Amp) – I will replace with Transparent.
Michael Wolff Gain (copper version) Powercord for Preamp
Michael Wolff Source (copper version) Powercord for Cdp
BPT3.5 Signature Conditioner for Preamp & Cdp
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet line filter for Amp

I have owned and listened to Sony SCD-1 for about 3 months and preferred the sound of the KPS-28c cd player. Other interconnects I have used included VH Audio Flavor 1 (Furu), Flavor 2 (Furu) and Kimber Select KS-1130 Balanced.
I'd recommend the best Transparent, or Purist Dominus for your speaker cable (Siltech if you can afford it). I'm not a Kimber fan.
i am a kimber fan. your systems only weekness in my opinion are your speakers. for that kind of money- vandys, shahinians, gradients, ohms, frieds, pmc's, yada yada......the wilsons are well made and well....well made. all that extremely neutral, clean, powerful, and wonderfully natural signal those krells effortlessly put forth is compromised by the sofia's very clinical, and unnatural midrange. generally appealing for female vocals, and simple jazz, but rock and classical tend to sound weightless and cold. the krell stock power cords along with mac and revox are among the best, but hey there may be a difference to your ears.
What about that article form cable nerd in regards to Transparent cables? Is there any need for caution with them? ON the other hand you have a really nice set-up!
I found that interconnects and power cords are so personal, get ready for hell. What I would do is select one used version of a something you think is good used on Audiogon. I use Pure Note because I like the detail of silver interconnects. I also like Synergistic. I have been told, that Audio Magic is fantastic as well. Don't change anyting else for about a week. Then switch back and listen again. It takes a lot of time but your first impressions usually are right. Good luck.
I'm not getting into a Kabel Kontest, but I've only ever heard two negative comments about ANY Wilson speakers: ugly and/or overpriced. Clinical, and unnatural midrange? NEVER!
they are not that ugly, especially if you are single, hell I would love a pair!
you have a world class rig,IMO any improvements at your level will be very small especially with cables & power cords,if your so inclined to try different power cord & cabling combinations there's nothing like experiencing them in your own rig.

the thing ive found out about cable reccomendations are that most of the time people only reccomend what they are currently running in their own rigs & not what works well with the gear listed.

Saaaaaaweeet system! I would axe the PS Audio on the amp completely. Krells like power off the wall, Krell will tell you that too. Dedicated outlet. Not to mention PS is a complete alteration of power, converting from AC to DC back to AC in their own format.

Krell=plug into the wall, sell PS Audio on AG make $$.

Awesome system, simply awesome!