Help Cremona Auditor & Revelator 9700000 tweeter.

Hi, any of you out there have any DIY experience with Scan Speak tweeters? I'm talking about the one that is Found in the $40,000 Sonus Faber Stradivari's (factory SSP Revelator 9700000 drivers are $500 each at discount retailers). My Cremona Auditor (bought 1 week ago) tweeter was damaged when speaker was knocked over and hit coffee table( yes, i said about a thousand F-words). And Given my situation i cannot have it fixed under warranty--especially being second hand buyer. So, the latest Revelator Ring Tweeter...does anyone know if it would be possible to put in two new ones while i'm repairing one anyway? Sumiko, and Scan Speak have not been heard from...i'm sure there are minor phase and impedance mismatches( i have complete technical data for them), but anyone with experience on how to do these kinds of retrofits??? any suggestions would be great...and please, no bashing my ignorance as i'm relatively new to hi fi world.


vongpheuccec all honesty...i clicked on your thread because I was just curious about that large number...anyhow...I don't think anyone will be "bashing your ignorance" as you have asked a pretty technical that i am sure that most of us wouldn't be able to answer.

but mention sumiko in your thread...aren't they just the importer for sonus faber (among other brands)? to sounds like a question that the people at Sonus Faber who actually make the speakers would know the answer to...or at least appreciate the question nonetheless...hopefully someone else can chime in here with some info for you.

sorry to hear about the speakers...those Cremona Auditors are beautiful...i can't wait to hear a pair.

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I am not sure whether you are 1005 right about the tweeter. The Cremona use the vifa unit, i think and only the stradivarius use a modified scan ringradaitor. I would go through the dealers if you want your speaker 100%. Even small differences in impedance etc can lead to great sonic differences. Vifa, scan etc also have more than one variation of unts availible to OEM market.
If I where you, I would prefer to change the destroyed tweeter with the same tweeter from Vifa(part of Scanspeak)provided by Sonus faber's network.
Even the size of your tweeter port can not hold the Stardivari's tweeter not to mention that this is totally different application for different task. In other words you'll loose the Auditor's coherence, which is famous for. And it is not a Cremona Auditor loudspeaker but something else.

Also have in mind that this tweeter used for Auditors might have slightly differences than the one Vifa carries as OEM for DIY projects and then you'll have disturbance with the other tweeter.
If you know of DIY and you are capable to make the service , buy 2 Vifa OEM tweeters (but always have in mind that may be slightly different) and install them.
The Sonus Faber tweeter has a modified face plate, note the truncated cutout, that allows it to be closer to the midbass driver. Sonus Faber may only use the standard Vifa ring radiator tweeter but the cutout and gold phase plug will be difficult to copy. However, there is a chance that the tweeter is highly modified for SF. I suggest contacting Sonus Faber directly (as Ellery911 suggested) or contacting a dealer (as Those two should be able to assist and be very helpful.

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I would email Sumiko. I had a woofer go in an old set of Concertos and they sold me one at a fair price directly. It took them like a day to get back to me but wonderful service.

Sucks about your speakers, I have seen it happen before. Good luck!

thanks for the suggests, but i just found out that the tweeter (scan speak it is) is a highly modified version for Sonus. So any attempt to install even a similar DIY market part will have serious changes--even if i could make it fit in the hole, the crossover will not be set up for the new driver--obviously. So my only option is to order a replacement part from Sumiko . Which is the best solution i suppose, as i do not want the sound quality to change the slightest, since the Cremona Auditor sounds ace just the way it is.

on a separate note, has anyone any experience with Wilson Benesch Speakers? Considering purchasing the new ACT model, retailing for $11,000 at the moment, or the Discovery at 6,000. Will be auditioning them soon, any ideas as to what i should expect?