help converting EAC files to FLAC

When I run 'Encode' in the FLAC window, it seems to be going ok, with the DOS window showing progress and all. But it runs very fast, and the compression ratio is .001! (1/1000) which I know is way low, supposed to be 50% or so.

When I try the file in Winamp it runs for a split second and stops.

What is the possible cause? I am evaluating this prior to buying a Squeezebox and would like to know that I can actually use the device efficiently before buying. Are there other compression programs that may work better?

are you dragging wav files into the flac window? what options do you have selected in both eac and flac?
Yeah, there is something wrong here. First, FLAC settings show that the following are checked: Verify, Add Tags, Replaygain, Treat input files as 1 album, and Delete Input files. I think should be no prob here.

But I think the prob is in EAC. First, I extracted using PKZIP only the .exe file and pulled the icon to the desktop. But launching the icon pops up an error msg about "matching language"..? So I went back to pkzip and extracted all the stuff that came in on the download, then tried ripping the cd again. This time, I got "Timing Error" on each track and the rip ran really fast. When I look at the ripped files they seem to be of correct size (ie about 60-80 MB each) but even the wav files (actually they do not even have the .wav extension) do not play in Winamp. Further, and this is strange, EAC does not even show up in the "Add/Remove Programs" list in control panel.

I guess I need some serious troubleshooting on the EAC side. Alternately, any other ways to do this? I do have a (legal) copy of Nero Express and Nero Start Smart; can one of these be used instead of EAC?
Thanks for your help.
"EAC does not even show up in the "Add/Remove Programs" list"
This is normal for EAC.

I would delete all EAC files from your computer, then download the EAC zip again and extract all files to a single folder. Also disable any items Nero runs at start up, look for things in the sys tray on the lower right of the screen. I have seen EAC conflict with cd writing software.

If that doesn't work delete EAC and try:

Good luck!
Nikturner, I have some success using your suggestions. Reinstalling EAC resulted in FLAC taking the appropriate amount of time and it gave me a file compressed to about 60%, which is about right. However, I could not play it in WinAmp, some strange stuff is happening there. I also converted the file back to .wav via FLAC and it gave me the full song, per the space/time taken by the song. This will play in WinAmp.

Strange thing is WinAmp does not seem to recognize the FLAC file type as it does not show in the list of supported files in that directory.

I say strange as I got the Winamp link from the FLAC website!

Thanks for your help so far. We have progress!
All you ned to do is get the flac plugin for winamp and you sjould be good to go. a google search should reveal it. you can also try foobar, which is what i've playing with lately. you can get it from:
download the "special" version. it comes with many plugins, one of which being the flac plugin.
You guys are great. Flac plugin from Winamp finished the job. Squeezie here I come...

BTW, speaking of Squeezebox, do you guys use wired or wireless? In the spot where I am planning to place the unit, I do not get very good wireless reception on my laptop; is there any reason to think Squeezebox would be different?
You will get better jitter performance with a wired connection to your Squeezebox, than using wireless, and your wireless connection will have to be pretty good to stream wav files. If it must be wireless, get a booster transmitter and a powerful aerial to add on to the Squeezebox.

One further wrinkle you may strike with FLAC files - you may find they will not play out through the slim server to the Squeezebox unless you copy flac.exe to c:\windows folder.

Go for the Squeezebox, they are just great, but for high audio performance you will probably have to add a jitter removing device between it and your DAC.