Help Converting Cat 5 to component video and Audio

I ran 2 cat 5 cables to each remote location for audio and video plus I also ran coax cable . What is the best way to convert these signals for the least money minimum 3 location maximum would be 5 locations thanks
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Are you sure you want to use Cat 5 for audio? If you are running your own wire, there are better choices, especially with video.
Leviton makes a distribution module that will send all of your video and audio signals over cat 5 wire. I just temporarily hooked mine up, it seems to work fine. It has a send unit, hub and receive unit. (Decora media system. I do not have it hooked up to my plasma or decent interconnect cables yet, so I do not know its true potential. I paid about $140 for the main system and $80 for each additional receive unit. Leviton claims you can send virtually any signal with their product. I am running $10 interconnects currently and it runs to a not so good tv, thats why I think it will look better when hooked up to better products. Also while you are on their site, look at the digital volume control set up, it allows you to use shorter length of speaker wire and has protective circuitry.