Help contacting BEL re: 1001


Does anyone have contact with Richard Brown of BEL or know if anything has happened to the company recently?

I posted the output boards for my 1001 MkIII to him 12 months ago now for a repair estimate, and haven't heard from him for 11 months now, despite repeated emails and attempted phone calls.

I would really like to get the boards back, even if they haven't been repaired.

FYI I hear the company is not struggling - on the contrary they are overwhelmed with orders, and for good reason. Rumor is that BEL will stop taking new orders altogether soon. Anyone who owns a 1001 MkV is very lucky indeed! I'm keeping mine. :-)
You may also want to have an authorized dealer contact him. I'm in Houston, and the local dealer Audio Concepts is where I bought my pair of BEL MK V monoblocks. All I can say is that these are the most awesome amps I have owned and wish Dick Brown a long life and also wish him the best.
Sadly, according to one of his oldest/largest dealers who knows him well, Dick Brown died within the last couple of days. For the past several months he had not felt well enough to do much work.

A former Recon. Marine, Dick was a unique individual and a true genius at designing and voicing his one and only product, the BEL 1001. Because his assembly process entailed listening to each component as it went into every amp, his production volume was miniscule, especially from 2007, on.