Help: Conrad 2250 and Sonus Faber GP

Hello All,
I am thinking of buying Conrad 2250 (120W *2) for the Sonus Faber GP's. Should I be getting a higher powered amp for these speakers. After reading through some old threads, lot of people have recomended atleast 200W * 2 for these speakers. Do any of you guys have the conrad 2250 amp paired with these speakers.
Thank you
I ran the older version (not home) with Klimo Kent tube monos around 30-40 watts and they sounded great.
I too own the older version not the home they like a bit of power and do sound great with tubes depending upon the size of your room a nice 75-100 watt tube amp works really well the best sound in my case with them being a audio research d-115mkII just amatter of taste as far as the conrad johnson it would probably work fine.