Help connecting, Vaio PC to Sony TV, please


I found this site by luck, and have no sleep from last night checking out the whole layout, wow this site is big. My problem follows:

I have the Sony KP-61HS30 TV, on the back it has a place where I would think, the connection from the PC will be going. It has a S-Video, then under that has a Video and L/R Audio connections.
The Vaio is a 2.5GHz P4, 512MB PC-2100 DDR, 64MB Nvidia
GeForce4 MK 440. On the back has a S-video (out) and in the front has a S-video with video and L/R Audio (input).

I'm not a wiz when it comes to this, but I do know somethings. I thought I would hook up a S-video cable from the (out) on the PC and connect it to the back of TV. When I switched the TV to Video 1, nothing shows. I do not know what I'm doing wrong, or if I have the correct setup, cables, or whatnot. Please if anyone coujld just lend a hand or two, it would be of great help. I'm trying to get the kids to do some work on the TV, and Hubby is not to PC friendly...thanks a bunch

Linda Silka
Not sure what version of Windows you have... you can go to Desktop then right click any empty space to bring up a menu then select Properties then click Settings. Here you ought to have a selection of monitors to use. If this doesn't work, keepign the S-cable connected between the PC and TV, restart your computer. This should automatically let the computer know an external monitor is being connected. If this doesn't work, there should be a menu somewhere that allows you to turn on the monitor out connection of your PC. I have an IBM laptop, and somewhere on my active task bar, bottom right hand next to the clock, there is is a menu icon that allows me to configure my laptop settings. Maybe your Sony has something similar.
Hi Linda:

What's the model of your Vaio? Need to know to check out what the PC is cabaple of doing.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I have had no luck with getting this to work. Everyone I speak with is full of idea's but for some reason this does not work. I wish I knew what was wrong.
The model number of the Vaio RZ14G. I dont know what to try, my kids are really losing faith in me. Any info would be great, thanks again.

Linda Silka

I don't know if you were able to get your RPTV to work with your computer by now (your post is from June), but if not, here's a suggestion. The problem may lie in the TV. On some older Sony TV's, you have to manually turn the S-video input "on" in the TV's setup menu. The default setting was set for composite video from the factory (the yellow jack below the S-video socket) that shares the "video 1" input. Newer TV's have a switch in the S-video jack that automatically disables the composite video jack when a S-video cable is plugged into it. Some older TV's did not and you will get no picture from S-video unless you go into the setup menu and turn it "on". You should be able to find it under "initial setup" or "preferences" or similar category in the set's menu.

Hope this helps!