Help connecting headphone amp to Levinson 38S

I'm using the record out from the 38S into the Schiit Lyr in.  No sound.  Just a low hum.  I've switched cables and tried the 2 record outs.  Nothing. 

I connected the outs from my CD player into the Lyr and it worked.  But since I have a turntable, switching cables in and out between sources is a pain.
Any ideas why the record outs aren't sending sound?  The manual was no help.
I took a look at the manual for the model 38 preamp (not for the 38S, which I couldn’t find; the manual for the 38 is available at if one is registered there).

I realize that you said the manual was of no help, but assuming the manual for the 38S is similar to that of the 38 it seems likely to me that the key to the solution is either in the section of the manual entitled "Assigning Record Outputs," starting on page 19, or in the section entitled "The Record Select Mode," starting on page 26.

Hope that helps. Regards,
-- Al

Thanks.  I looked at the 38 manual and I thought, "Aha", I found it.  Sadly, the 38S was programed differently and that feature is no longer available.