Help confirm TT selection & pick a pre-amp?

At the moment I am using a Technics SL-7 connected into a Behringer phono pre-amp. On the SL-7 I'm using an Ortofon Pro-S stylus on an Ortofon TM headshell.

I really do like the SL-7 but it is a pain in my butt for a couple of critical reasons. One - they don't make it easy to switch between tracks, because of the clamshell design you have to use panel controls and it's often hard to see through the 20+ year old plastic. Two - there are a very limited number of needles that you can use with this particular record player, again because of the unique clamshell design. Now - that clamshell design is pretty cool and I really do like it overall but those two things in combination make it less than ideal as an everyday record player. I'm definitely going to replace it it's just a matter of when.

So a friend of mine were commended a Pro-Ject RM-1.3 turntable, and I think it looks pretty cool. The design is unique,mand I like that it's small and will fit basically the same footprint as the current turntable. I've also seen a lot of good reviews of it and gotten thumbs-up from the various audiophile stores as I called around the area.

So absent any recommendations to the contrary I think I'm probably going to stick with that Pro-Ject turntable but what I don't have right now is an idea of what I'm going to use as a phono preamp. This Behringer thing is been okay as is for now but I figure if I'm going to spend $500 on a turntable I should probably buy a pretty nice preamp to go with it. So does anyone have any recommendations for a good phono preamp? I'm looking for MM and possibly MC compatibility for later on down the line. Between the TT and preamp I'm trying to keep the total cost at a little less than $1100.

Any help is much appreciated thanks guys (and gals)!
I know someone that may be able to help you out. If you call Larry at Hollywood Sound in FL, I'm sure he can set you up with a good sounding TT. All he does is vinyl. He's very good at giving you the best sound for your money. It's good to work with someone like that if you're new. I know there are quite a few people here on Audiogon that do business with him as well.