Help cleaning LPs, residue left behind

i've started noticing a ?residue? on the outer edge and dead wax of some of the records i clean. its on records cleaned with and without a rcm, with and without water. the spots look like evaporated liquid perhaps, and they take up the area between the grooves, but do not run up to the grooves themselves. i am using nitty grittys formula 2, last 3 and nano-pure/milli-q water. any advice? am i using too much, too little, is the water too pure? is this normal? whats the deal?
Davelash, while I'm not familiar with using the Nitty Gritty fluid, what you describe sounds to me like a classic case of needing more rinse with distilled water after using the cleaning fluid. From your description, it seems like you've diagnosed this correctly as evaporated liquid that has some content that's being left behind. Whenever I've experienced that with various cleaning fluids, better rinsing seems to cure it.
I had a similar problem using Phoenix Solution (with enzymes)bought from Sleeve City. I have since used the NG F2 exclusively and it works great, with no issues of residue, even when I over do it on the fluid. I'm using the NG RCM and vacumm thoroughly. You don't indicate if you're using a machine or just doing it manually . . . if the latter, maybe a rinsing with pure distilled water is in order?
i have noticed the residue on records cleaned with and without my rcm which is a nitty gritty 1.0. with and without nanopure water. extra water seemed to work, except on one lp. so im not sure.
Don't be afraid to be generous with the rinse water! Happy listening!
Try RRL cleaning fluids. Never any residue, ever, and no rinsing required.
I just started using RRL fluids with my VPI machine. So far the results have been positive and that is just using the wash. I'm getting some deep cleaner as well and imagine the double cleansing should help even more.