Help CJ premier 4 blowing fuses ??

This is a new problem that developed over the last couple days-----I blow the right channel fuse all the time. I thought this morning it happened the second it powered up > 2 minutes after plugging it in. It's a 600v 2 amp fuse, littelfuse brand and they aren't cheap and are actually difficult to source locally.
I live rural and am at least a 4 hour drive from taking it to a competent repair shop. And I really don't want to ship it and have some other things go wrong as well.

Any ideas?
It is usually a bad tube. Swap the tubes between channels.
If the problem moves to the other channel, buy new tubes.
If the problem stays in the left channel, you need a technician to repair it.

It is amazing how much those fuses cost.
Be careful when swapping potentially problematic tubes.
If it took out anything more than the fuse in the first amp/channel it may do the same in the 2nd and compound your repair bill.
Is this the big "plate fuse" that's on the back panel? (I have premier 5's) If so then that's the high-voltate supply to the plate from the tranny, I think. CJ will send you a schematic via email if you need one. Agreed I would check tubes first. Best bet is if you have a tube tester, pull all the tubes and run them through, esp. checking for shorts between elements on the EL34s. No sense using the amp as a "tube tester" if you can help it! If you do need service, the place to use is - owned and run by Bill Thalmann who is the original designer of these amps (he worked for CJ for 20+ years). Had good luck with him myself on the CJ Pr. 5s.

Good luck!
Yes it is the big plate fuse, I believe. the amplifier has a large fuse for each channel and then another fuse for the amplifier itself. It blows the right channel fuse. nobody around these parts has a tube tester so that's kind of the reason I posted this in the first place--I don't want to try the trial & error method if possible.
If you really get stuck send me the tubes and I will test them and send them back. email me if you need to go this route.