Help Choosing Tube Preamp

Hi, I'm trying to decide on a tubed pre-amp in the $400-500 range. Right now, I'm looking at a Conrad Johnson PV-5 or a Cary SLP-30. Anyone had any experience with these units? What are people's thoughts on CJ v. Cary in general?

I feel like there are two things pulling in favor of the Cary: (1) It's a more recent line than the CJ, (2) I have a Virtual Dynamics Power Three lying around that I could use on the Cary but not on the CJ. On the other hand, I keep reading about that "CJ sound"...

Any input and/or suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
I'm not familiar with the above units, but the Counterpoint SA-2000 (no phono) and SA-3000 (with phono) are often sold used near that price range and they sound very very good.
Strech a bit and Get a Rogue 66.
I had A PV-7 and the Rogue bettered it in every aspect.
For just a little more you could get into a used Audible Illusions M3 (not the more recent M3a). This is a great preamp - neutral with great detail and tube palpability. Only downside is service from the manufacturer, if you should ever need it, is hard to obtain.
Add another $100 and strongly consider the Conrad Johnson PV-10
I have a Balanced Audio Technology ( B.A.T. ) Tube PreAmp
VK-5i. I'm about ready to Upgrade it to SE but this PreAmp is Legendary. I have tried quite a few others and think the B.A.T. is the Best. Very Smooth, Very Transparent, Very Well built - World class. I picked 1 up on this site Pretty Inexpensively. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Also the Sonic Frontier's Anthem Pre-1L or Pre-2L are very good in your price range, if you prefer a cooler sound to the warm CJ preamps. BTW, a BAK VK-5i will cost +/- $1850 used.
I would suggesst a conrad johnson PV-10 as well. Excellent sound and build quality as well as outstanding customer service.
I had a nice seller a few years back praise Conrad Johnson products when we were discussing another item. It was great advice. I can only say that you should try to listen to everything in your price range but definitely audition CJ.
I have heard both and would definitely take the CJ if tube sound is what you want. The Audio by Van Alstine tube pre-amps either using Dynaco chassis or his own are very competitive in the price range.