Help Choosing Subwoofers

I have a 7.1 home theatre system consisting of (2) B&W 805S (Front), (2) HTM4S (Center), (4) SCMS (Side & Rear). I currently have (2) ASW675 as subwoofers (I upgraded from a 600 series system a while back … except these). I have a couple requirements that exclude the ASW825 which was my original choice. My room is fairly large so I will probably get two subs again - the 675's just aren't cutting it on "larger" material. I would like something that goes lower and has more output (punch); that being said my system does not go to deafening levels.

My physical requirements are:
18" maximum height & width
24" maximum depth
Front firing driver

Not a requirement but natural cherry goes real well in my room (probably wouldn't go for black). The ASW750 does meet all the requirements but I haven't heard them, I'm also not stuck on B&W for subs so fire away (so to speak). Oh, and maximum budget for the pair would be $5000.

So any recommendations are very welcome and thanks for your ideas ...
Hey man,

MJ Acoustic. The only criteria they do not meet on your list is the are not front firing. Read up on them, I think you will like them. I sure do........John
If you liked the ASW-675's which I had and also liked, then the ASW-750 takes it up a serious notch. I really liked the 750 and if I had the bucks and the space I would have no problem getting two of them. My room is small, I am agonizing over subs right now as well. I am leaning towards Paradigm Seismic 10's or Monitor Audio's RS SW-12's. I have the MA RS series for fronts and rears.
This is too easy.

I'm going to save you money and give you the best music & HT sub for under 5K.

Get 2 Alon Thunderbolt IIIs in Natural Cherry - front firing, 16x16x18, fast, articulate, go low, sound fabulous, integrate well with full range speakers or sats. Extraordinarily musical and excellent on HT as well. I believe the cherry finish is under 2K apiece.

They do great in my room which is 20x40x9.

Check out reviews at
Thanks for the ideas guys, the 750 was on my list and I think I can get my dealer to loan me one to audition. Haven't heard of the Alon's or MJ's but I'll do some reading, thanks again.
I just got a MJ100 - the older model - its impressive in a 2 channel setup - have not tried it for HT - in a big room you would clearly want two. BUT it is a downshooter, as I believe the entire line is. IMHO MJ is the new old REL with a high pass speakon setup - if I were going LFE I would look at Alon and ATC
For $5,000 you could get a pair of Velodyne DD-15's that include an excellent room measurement and EQ system. These subs will blow you away with their sound quality and extension. Even a pair of DD-12's would be great. They are all front-firing and come in cherry finish.
Doesn't look like I could get a pair of DD-15's but maybe the 12's. However reading about the Nola (current name for Alon) ThunderBolt III has me intrigued. Looks like they would work well in my HT system and if I ever wanted to try they would also mate well with the Maggies in my two channel system (and the size & finish are perfect). Only problem is the dealer's about 125 miles away, but I think I can find a reason to get out that way.

Thanks again for the suggestions.
Check out the new JL Audio subs, they are black, but they may just be the best sub on the market
check out the new aci line of subs ,available in your finish and are very impressive sound wise
Thanks for all the ideas. I sold the 675's and ordered a pair of Nola Thunderbolt III's, I'll let you know how they sound (still have to wait another week or so).