Help choosing Speakers for Rega Brio-R

After a month looking for an amp over a 100 watts for my 87db
System audio monitors, i decided i will keep my rega, and i will find a pair of speakers with your help as always.

The rega will be very covenient in terms of size and phono built in, during my graduate school, just need a pair of speakers now, i am into vinyls as well, using a rega Rp1.
Budget less than 1k new or used.

thank you guys, and happy holidays.
Look at the Rega line of speakers. I once had an all Rega system - synergy of components was big.

Good luck
Check my ad for a pair of DALI Mentor 6 speakers. I used them with the 60 watt Rega Mira and really enjoyed the sound. Great bass with extended highs and wide/deep soundstage for a reasonable price.
+1 for full Rega system and system synergy. I'd be willing to bet an audition of the RS1 or even a stretch to the RS3 would leave you silly happy. Ron Sexsmith just got a pair of RS1s. If it's good enough for him... :)
i got the Rega R1 in the past they were too bright for my taste, i sold them for that reason, lots of details but i could not be listening more than 1/2 hr.
bummer about the brightness experience. another option might be silverline minuet supremes. i had the older version and thought they were fantastic but never had them paired with my brio 3 and don't know how they would sound with the brio r. good luck in your search.
I had the same experience as Junglern with Rega R1s. I was running an original Brio and Silverline Minuets were a very good match. I've read that the RS1s are more refined, though, and speaker preference is absolutely a matter of taste.
so true about speaker preference. it's all different strokes for different folks,with no real right or wrong. another option with the brio r, if you were interested in a floorstanding speaker, would be the vandersteen 1c. i bought a pair for $225 on craigslist, added the $105 stand, and was good to go. it sounded very good with my brio 3. used prices on the silverline prelude make that another attractive option if you're open to a floorstander.
The new Vandersteen 1CIs are in your range play wonderful full bodied music with this amp with bass down to 38Hz, add the bases , Fill em, level side to side, laser tilt them back equally the same,you are in for a treat as well as Made in USA.
Cheers JohnnyR
Vandersteen/ Rega dealer
the vandersteens really are a steal. i hadn't realized that they had been upgraded yet again until i saw the 1CI designation in your post, johnny. now with tweeter from the 3A? i love the continual improvements to the line and the way components from the higher priced products make their way to the lower priced products.
The Rega RS1 uses a different tweeter than the R1 used. I'm not saying you'll like them, just saying that to my ears the sharpness the R1 had has been tamed. If you have a dealer, you should audition them. If you couldn't handle the R1, I wouldn't but the RS1 blindly though. Just saying I wouldn't dismiss them without a good listen.