Help choosing speakers

I know there are lots of these threads but wanted to seek opinions on the following speaker options. I own a pair of Legacy Audio Focus that are twenty years old or so. I would like to upgrade and while the new Focus SE's seem like a logical choice, I have read great reviews of the following speakers: Aerial Acoustics 10T, Eggelstonworks Andra, Von Schweikert VR5SE. So please share your thoughts and also please stick to these choices so as not to muddy the waters further. I have not had an opportunity to hear any of these choices.
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soix,Based on your apologetic tone and great suggestion you are duly forgiven. As a matter of fact I have researched the Pearls just a bit. Even used they fall above my desired price range (under $10K) which is the only reason I have ruled them out. Others have been ruled out as well. Were I in that price range I would have to throw the Legacy Aeris into the mix. Alas it is not to this point anyway. Thanks for the link.
so as not to muddy the waters further

Still waters run deep but muddy waters are fecund.

Chase the mud. Seriously. 
I thought that the 10Ts were also very old.  Not sure why you would consider a speaker that is probably not supported any longer
bigkidz1,And there is the other argument against. But as I have stated, they continue to be very well respected speakers, admired actually. It's not as if Aerial Acoustics has gone away.