Help Choosing Speakers

I am looking to find a nice pair of speakers that will work well in a relatively small dedicated listening room. My setup is 100% analog, tube amp, turntable, phono pre. I am trying to keep a minimalist approach.

Turntable: Thorens TD-150
Phono Pre: AudioResearch PH3
Amp: Decware MiniTorii
Speakers: DIY MarkAudio A12P in SuperPensil

Room Dimensions: 11' W x 12' 4" L x 10' H

So far I have been looking around at a lot of options and while I don't want to limit myself to 94 dB+ efficient speakers. I would like to be able to keep my Decware MiniTorii in place if possible.

LegacyAudio Signature SE is top on my list, little bit more than I wanted to spend, but this is a lifetime purchase. I have also looked at SalkSound Veracity ST but I am concerned about the Decware amps being able to push those. I have also looked at the Decware HR-1s which look impressive.

Of course its difficult to buy speakers without hearing them, any other recommendations/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has heard the Legacy Audio Signatures with a Decware amplifier and has any details, that would be spectacular.



Basically have narrowed it down to a more reasonable cost. Something I am more comfortable with.

Speaker Selection
  • Vandersteen 1Ci
  • Vandersteen 2Ce
  • Decware HR-1

  • Keeping MiniTorii
  • Purchase Torii Jr
  • Purchase Torii Mk IV

Other Options
  • Replace PH3 with ZP3
  • Add CP3 Pre-Amp in front of MiniTorii for more gain

The Vandersteen 1Ci awards the most flexibility from a component perspective. I think adding more power than 4 watts per channel would be well received in the system. I could afford the massive Torii 25 watts per channel if I stick with the 1Ci or 2Ce.

The low end response at 26 Hz on the 2Ce is very impressive. That said, the 2Ce would require an upgrade to the amp to either the Torii Jr or Torii.

Back to spinning some wax!

All the Vandy 2 series are a HUGE step up from the 1 series. Even considering your demo results, spare power would be beneficial; you might not notice it unless playing dynamic challenging music, but in the long you will appreciate having spare power & headroom from clipping. 

My advice is to call John Rutan at Audio Connection, who is probably the #1 Vandy dealer. Ask him about getting a trade in 2 Series, as he likely has a steady stream of upgraders seeking Treo, 5 & 7 series etc.

If you are open to others than Dec amps consider used McCormack for SS or go with something from Rogue for tubes. Both are frequently paired successfully with Vandys.

2s will keep you happy for a long time and you can upgrade your other gear around them without them being the weakness for some time. I did.
The 1s will leave you wanting more & soon. Cheers,
I agree with sbank on all counts.  I think if you read the "Ask Richard" section on the Vandy website, you will see that Richard frequently recommends the 1 for folks with lower power tube amps, and tends to encourage more juice for the 2 and *way* more juice for 3.  The only answer is a demo, though.  At the very least, bring your amp to the dealer and listen at your normal levels.  
As a Vandy owner, I think if you are considering the Vandy 1's or 2's, you should get at least one or better yet, a pair of 2w subs. Since the Vandy sub crossover (M5-HP) will filter out low frequencies, you probably wouldn't have to get a more powerful amp.
Sbanks recommendation for Johnny Rutan is a sound one. He will give you lots of great information you can trust.
I also +1, the recommendation for McCormack amps. I own the DNA-1 and MicroPower Drive.
I am currently moving to Atma-Sphere amps and preamp. I haven't got things hooked up yet, but when I do, I'll let you know what I think, if you wish.
  You probably don't need another option, but I just demoed the ProAc Studio 148 (at SoundImageATL--thanks Lawson!) and can't keep silent.  They have excellent detail, but no harshness, amazing vocals, as well as surprising bass for the size--but most of all they just get out of the way of music & let you feel the emotion of the recording. Recommended for amps 15 watts & up (4ohm), but you certainly wouldn't need a sub (except for organ music).

  I much prefer them to my experience of the Vandy 1's, but admit it isn't the fairest of comparisons as they're almost 3x more expensive & I was in a dedicated room, listening to my music from a Linn Majik 'integrated' thats more expensive than the speakers.