Help choosing speakers


Can someone recommend a good pair of floorstanding speakers under $1000 with bass that extends low enough to eliminate the need for a sub. All the reviews I read about speakers in this price range have the same complaints: "lacks in the lower frequencies" or "bass doesn't extend low enough"...

Used Thiel 3.5's, so long as you use it for music, as opposed to home theatre sound effects. They will go low, but not low and really loud.
Monitor Audio RS6. More than enough bass and a well reviewed speaker as well. You can find them here used for <$600.
They have a very nice finish to them as well.
used Paradigm 80's or 100's would be a good choice. $1300 would get you some Legacy Audio classics!!
Second the RS6
not a huge fan of monitor audio...they sound a bit lean and hollow to me...if dont want a sub...vandersteen 1 would be a.good.choice..
PSB Stratus Gold; here for sale for $700. What amp do you plan to use?
I second the Vandersteen 1b or c...I had a new pair of 1Bs years ago (sold after having the factory repair some cat damage) and was amazed at how deep they went...just a great clean sounding speaker and you can find 'em used in good shape with stands for cheap.
$1000 will not obtain the prescribed result if the room is wrong. $10000 might, if you spend it on fancy equalizers and the like.

Tell us about the room and the answers will become relevant.
Asking someone else to choose your speakers is akin to asking someone to name your child. Believe me, I've been there/done that. It didn't turn out well !!!!!!
I think "Clem" is a great name for a boy and "Saffola" for a girl.
Thanks for your suggestions! they're much appreciated.

My amp ATM is a Cambridge Audio 640A V2. I'm kind of used to its sound but I'm not at all impressed by it. I plan on changing for something in the sub 1K as well.

The room will be either a small approx 10' x 14' or a larger x2 more open space room.

@ Tpreaves I don't see what's wrong with asking for advice. I'm just trying to narrow it down as i can't listen to all of them.
I don't think a 10 X 14 room can accomodate true full range bass. The aforementioned Thiel 3.5's can adjust between a bottom end of either 20 Hz or 40 Hz, so they could probably work in either room. The Thiel 3.5's can be had used for less than $1K, which is good, because you'll probably need the extra money to go towards an appropriate amp that can really make them sing.
Snell CV and Type D will do the trick. I have had them both and depending on condition will run $500 - $1000 used.
Good luck
Clem Kadiddlehopper Garcia. :)
What are your listening tastes? The Residents?

Yeah, Snell too.
Skinny, I didn't say anything against asking for advice.
Helloskinny, My listening room is about 12x17 with my speakers along the long wall. I wanted the same bass as you without the need for a sub since I don't have room for a proper sub. I started out with a budget of around $700-1000. However I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for around that price range. That said for ~$1000 I found that the Vandersteen 1c was the best that I was able to hear locally.

Here's my journey for finding the best speakers for the buck starting with the thread I made at AVS forum:

Long story short I found the best pair of speakers overall was the Vandersteen 2CE Signature II. I found a pair here on Audiogon in great shape for just a tad over my budget of $1500... $1650 shipped.

Midrange and overall transparency is much better with the 2ce sig ii. Bass is also much better. It can also fill the room I have them in quite nicely.