Help choosing floor-standing speakers.

Hi, I'm currently looking for a pair of floor-standing speakers, I'm upgrading from a Triangle Titus 202. My budget is around 400€ - 700€, would like to buy used so I can get a better deal. I've looked around a bit and found these options:
JMlab Cobalt 815, Triangle Talya, Quad 22L, Infinity Reference 50, Davis acoustics Matisse, Triangle Scalene, Kef Reference Model One/Two, monitor audio rx6, B&W CDM-7NT
I listen mainly to classical music, soundtracks, jazz, and some 70s 80s rock. Thank you in advance.
Re RX6. A non-audiophile friend came over and I played him a James Carter CD (Jazz). His response was, "wow, I didn't know that a radio could actually sound like real-live music."

I have owned more expensive Triangle speakers (Antal and Zays). Both had better bass, but no where near as good imaging and the highs seemed strange; especially the Antal. Sounded "cheap" to me somehow (but the bass was NUTS).

If you want more bass from the RX6, get a little sub.
Infinity p360...Stereophile componet...nice, full presentation even at low volume...fwiw...I previously owned the Titus...sold them rather quckly.
What amplifier are you using? Without knowing how much power you have available, I could not make a good recommendation even if I was inclined to. For example, The Quad 22L's you site in your list have a sensitivity of 88 db/w and 6 ohms impedance and I know they require a good amount of power to really sing. Can you properly drive these?

Also, what is it about the speakers you have now that like and most importantly, don't like. Your Titus use a metal dome tweeter. Do you like this sound or did you find them bright? If bright, you may want to avoid other models using metal teeters and consider something more laid back, like a soft dome.

Buying used is OK but have some idea of what each might sound like beforehand. For instance, when I see the Quad 22L's or the B&W CDM-7NT's in the same list, I cannot think of two speakers that sound more different. How we know which is the sound that you prefer?

If you ask us, you run the risk of starting a popularity contest and will only find out what someone has or wants to have. And most likely, none of these will be the right speaker for you.
i remember being awfully impressed with the cobalt 815s; not a big low end, but for classical/jazz they'd be great--their transparency is eerie. not fussy about equipment pairing.

C'mon guys, it's great that you are trying to help, but it was approaching a year for the first response to the thread. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking he has already bought speakers, and not even looking for answers at this time. Should he respond, guess I'll just start removing those feathers from the crow for my next meal.
It takes some guys awhile to make a decision.
IT takes some women even longer.