Help choosing Classical Music LPs

Hi there guys, I just a vinyl lover as many of you already hear from me, but certainly new to the classical music world that one day was far but today is becoming more regular on my TT evenings sessions.
Today I am playing a Joaquin Rodrigo Concierto en Aranjuez. Fantasia para un Gentil Hombre for guitar and orchestra.
Ernesto Bitetti Guitarrist
I do really love this kind of music, I would like to hear from you about what kind of direction I should move looking on drifts stores, on the net etc, I want to increase knowledge and exposure to the great composers.
Basically I want a list of what to buy, known master pieces orchestras etc, I feel blind in front of so many lps with no clue who they are or what might be worth to buy.
Your help highly appreciated,
is all about the music these days for me...

Google "The Basic Repertoire" and you will find a lot of suggestions on where to start your exploration of classical music.
There is a long and meandering thread in the Agon Music Forum. It includes Classical and Romantic period suggestions.
Personally I'd firstly recommend just listening to BBC radio 3 via their free BBC iplayer. And see what grabs you.
Apart from being free the main advantage of this approach ( as apposed to say Spotify, which is useful only once you found something to your tastes in selecting a specific performance ( just as important and thrilling for the classical music lover).
is you don't need to r choose the music/ composer first . Just select a program and then just go with it.
I'd recommend 'through the night' as my first choice, a great cross section of works without too much talking and then say 'breakfast' and 'essential classics'
You hopefully have a wonderful adventure and experience in front of you!
I would also recommend listening to alot of different things on the radio and figuring out what you like. You will hear many different composers and style periods and start to figure out what you like. Then you can ask for more specific recommendations.