Help choosing CD player and cables

Having downsized to a 12 x 14 room and using NHT SB3s and NHT powered subwoofer from a former surround sound system with a Classe Cap-151 integrated amp, I am hoping someone can make a good suggestion for a used CD player in the $400-800 range and reasonably priced speaker cables and interconnects that would work well with the aforementioned components.
David Greenberg
Fort Myers, Florida
Jolida JD100A CDP and Chris VenHaus Cryoed Pulsar IC's are a great combo. I'd also recommend River Cable Flexygy 6 speaker cable.
A used Rega, (which is warm and slow), with Cardas neutral reference interconnects 1/2 meter, (which are clean and astonishingly fast), is a great combo IMHO. $400 for the used Rega Planet 2000, and $250 for the interconnects.
Thanks for your help, I will look into these suggestions.

DH Labs cables have earned a reputation for great price performance ratio. I recently bought a used pair of their top line "Revelation" ics and couldn't agree more. The "Silver Sonic" and "Air Matrix" ics cost less and will probably be fine performers given your budget. Buy used, as new wire seems universally way overpriced.

Good luck,

Don't forget about the excellent Cary cd-308. I auditioned against the Rega planet 2000 and the Jolida cd-100. It was better in every area, soundstage, detail, dynamics, and finesse. It cost more initially, but can be bought used for $850.
Best bang for your buck is the Music Hall CD-25. Its very clean and forward not the best soundstager but very dynamic with reasonably good detail, I like it better than the slow veiled sound of some mentioned like the Jolida which I also own and really dislike the color that the Rega adds. Please don't go for the cheesy mods at inflated prices being offered all over the place, an unmodded new one goes for probably $550-600. The IC that will works well with this is probably a simple cheaper copper, the VH sound like the right idea. I like signal cable it provides sweet treble great bass extension and are dirt cheap. I also found that if your a clean mean treble freak( Classe tends to be very clean) then you might look into moderately priced silver conductors. Audioparts just unloaded their Mas greys for a pittance but may not give you any slack when it come to thinning out the treble. I have SB 2s as well maybe I should see what it sounds like! It took two seconds to set up- with the silver the bass flattens out timbrally considerably but the SB2 is less bassy than the SB3, the midrange and treble are really very very good not unnatural at all but thats through the aforementioned Jolida and an EL 34 based tube amp. I found the classe to be a less forgiving when I last auditioned it.