Help Choosing B&W Speakers

It is time to update my HT speakers. I have a fabulous B&W Nautilus HTM1 center that I will keep. I also have B&W SCM8 rears that are good but getting old and are bulky. My front speakers were 802s but I moved them to another HT room. I use a Velodyne HGS 12 subwoofer and a Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi Reciever to drive it all. For space reasons, I am considering using B&W SCMS wall mounts for my new front and rear speakers. Alternatively, I could try to fit Nautilus 803s or 804s as the front speakers and either keep the SCM8 rears or replace them with SCMS. Comments please?
Go to and click on the B&W speakers forum. You may get more help over there.

I am using the HTM1, 803S, 804S combo and it sounds great. If you are coming from 802D fronts, I think going below the 803S will be a yough adjustment. The 803S have enough bass and a full sound to get you by. ;-)

My current front speakers are Definitives. I moved my B&W 802 Series 3 to another HT room. Series 3s are the predessor to the Nautilus 800 series. They still sound fantastic. I think I will make room for Nautilus 803 or 803s depending on what I can find used. Thanks.
Your driving 802s with a Pioneer receiver????? Wow, talk about imbalance. Those speakers are deserving of so much more. I own that reciever and wouldn't dare to put it near my B&W's. Not up to the task, especially of an 802.
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I cannot agree more. I wouldn't drive any speakers in the 800 series with a receiver, not even the little 805S. In a HT setup, a quality pre-processor would be more appropriate in driving the 802's. Sound quality aside, just make sure you don't blow up both amp and speakers when watching movies/listening to music at high SPL's.
Can anyone say clipping? Dangerous stuff, and those little teeny weeny power supplies in a receiver just don't cut it.