Help Choosing a Power Conditioner with protection.

I do not think that I "need" a power conditioner for huge sonic improvements. I would like to have peace of mind knowing my gear is protected though.

My criteria:
-Sockets must be on the top like the smaller RGPC and Tesla power cells.
-Matte aluminum finish would be a big plus so it matches my gear, but not required.

I appreciate any input, talking me out of power conditioning included.
Have a look at this thread: Power conditioning / surge protection. Some of us were going over what line conditioners do and don't do. You should be able to get some useful info.
If all you want is surge protection, I would suggest a whole-house surge protector. They only cost about $295 installed.

I own some very, very expensive conditioners and even the inventors of these products concede that surge protection in conditioners is mainly a marketing concession. Because people like to think that their gear is "safer" conditioner manufacturers put in some cursory "protection" in their devices as an "added plus."

The best approach is to protect your gear "at the box" with a good surge protector there.

Once again, I'm a firm believer in the sonic improvement provided by top-of-the-line conditioners, but surge protection is not the real forte' of these products.