Help choosing a Phono Stage

My set up.

Rega p5 with DV 10X5
Ayon Triton
Acoustic Zen Crescendos
AZ cables Hologram II

My budget 1500 for new or use,
thank you in advance.
Bottlehead Seduction
Hagerman Cornet II
Wright WPP200c
I would give serious thought to the Allnic H1200 - you can contact Hammertone Audio who is the importer and selling new units for $999 (regular retail price is $1600. They are going to replaced with a new model in mid 2011 hence the lowered price.
I spoke to David from. Hammertone Audio, certainly the H1200 on my list!

I am deciding between the JLTI, Allnic and PS audio!

help please.
Simaudio (used) LP5.3. A very good sounding phono with lots of options, and upgradable with the outboard PSU if you choose to go that route.
Has anyone heard the new Parasound JC3? I've heard thru the grapevine it's very special.
I am using a JLTI and like it very much..Sweet and tubelike without the hassles of tubes.....Excellent bass attack too.
now i am adding another one to short list the liberty audio


Worthy suggestions, thus far! If considering valves, I'm using a Triode Corp of Japan, i.e. Tri, EQ3-SE that features 2 MC and 1 MM input.

My recollection is it was purchased, new, around your price range.

Good luck!

The cheapest nice one i know of is the jasmine lp 2.0
Guys I am afraid to use a tube phono with ayon triton as well!
Some people say match tubes with solid state!
Help pls!

I thinking towards the allnic h200 but it's tubes!
nagra BPS /VPS also very nice.