Help choosing a new power conditioner.

I have decided to buy a new power conditioner and am choosing from the following: 1. Acoustic Revive RTP-4 2. Audience Adept AR-6 3. Furman IT Ref20. Any comments from users or other who have experience with any of these would be greatly appreciatd.
Furman, these are the only people that get it right, and that has been for 20 years.
I want to add the BP 3.5 Signiture Plus to the mix. Husk
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Those 3 seem to be working for alot of people here and I will add the BPT is another ala Husk too.You will be making a good move whichever,HNY,Bob
Although not on your list but the Shunyata hydra series is also very good.
I would add the Synergistic Research PowerCell 6 to that list. I have my entire system plugged into one with no loss of current. My system is actually more dynamic with everything plugged in then with my amplifier plugged into the wall.

Just as with cables try and listen and compare power conditioners before you buy.